“Working hard for my promotion, as futsal referee” – Rodric Leerling

“Working hard for my promotion, as futsal referee” – Rodric Leerling

Last night was my second test this season to show what I’m worth as futsal referee. Demonstrating why I don’t want to stay in the current group of referees being assigned mostly lousy games with hardly any satisfaction.

Well, they picked a fitting game to test my ref skills. The away team couldn’t afford another loss in order to stay away from relegation and the home team had the same considerations, but for reasons of promotion. Quite some spectators were watching and my assessor couldn’t avoid me in the hall way. Wished me good luck and that I should’t let him down. “Just for you!” I laughed and got dressed.

From the first minute of the game I was on my toes, admonishing mostly the away team. They used all possible tactics to irritate their oponents and I started with clear public warnings, keeping the yellow cards in my pocket. The home team scored some quick goals and it went downhill for the guests from there. I was so concentrated I didn’t even hear the ‘last minute’ call from the secretary.

In 2nd half I had to issue three yellows within 10 minutes, making it hard to keep track of penalty times (player sitting on penalty seat). After their 3rd yellow they gave up. The next one would most definitely mean a red card and even more trouble. They were behind too far and they simply got tired of the high paced game. I blew the whistle for the last time and got handshakes from both teams. Looking up, I saw my assessor smiling when I wiped my forehead. If this isn’t going to be a top report, I will swallow my pink whistle.