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“Phantom coach” – Rodric Leerling

Ferguson debating with refIt probably was our last play-off game as trio. I was assigned AS1 and performed my duties on the admin, checked the pitch and we chatted with  both team coaches. Or, at least, what we assumed they were.

The game, which was not of high quality, had many fouls on both sides. The CR did a great job keeping the players on short leash. At half time, the away coach wanted to comment on one particular foul but didn’t have the courtesy to tell it straight to the CR’s face. So he was summoned to approach us and have a proper conversation but didn’t comply and kept walking away from us. As a proper penalty the CR told him he was to stay behind the fence for dissent for the rest of the game.

During the second half he would continue to scoul us and still coach his team. He even challenged us by sitting on the fence and was once again told to stop being obnoxious or we would abandon the game.
The away team lost by one goal and had a player sent off with straight red after punching an opponent. After concluding the game the away coach only shook hands with the ARs but blatantly ignored the CR. We decided to ignore him too but he decided to play his own game. He started talking again. Why we treated him like this. Stupid decisions etc etc. Even inside the stadium he ranted on and wanted to get into a personal fight with the CR. We told him he would hear back from the FA and should fear for his job. But then one of the other coaches intervened and shared their little secret: he wasn’t officially their coach. So you will find no name on the roster. Not an official FA member and therefore not licensed to coach. We were stupefied. With all that screaming for attention? I would have hidden away, hoping the refs would not report the sending off (we would if he had kept quiet in 2nd half).

Even during the finishing admin work, his colleague decided not to reveal his real name and leave it to the FA to find out. Well, that is another stupid decision because the penalty will become even steeper.¬†They now run the risk of being taken out of the play-off competition completely by using plain fraud. A quick report to the FA and we can sleep again. Not the away coach, I’m afraid.