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“I decided to start a course in referee coaching” – Rodric Leerling

junior refsAfter 13 odd years, it’s time to think of next steps in refereeing. Been active now at field, beach and indoor football, seen most clubs and sport centers in the area. And I’m getting older.

So I decided to see if I´m capable helping young refs with their career start. Applied for a new course and got accepted. First session last week was to prepare the new ref coaches what to expect during four sessions with aspirant referees. We will join their course sessions and accompany them at their first matches for the Dutch FA and help them deal with both practical things and how to lead a game for real.

I suggested starting using video for this purpose. Nobody thought of this before, apparently. Using your smartphone should be enough to review some critical moments or trends in game management. Let’s see how this works out. Plenty of stories to tell, no doubt. Watch this space!