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“Trots om weer aan een mooi print product te werken: Sportief Westfriesland” – Rodric Leerling

Rodric Leerling, Leerling.biz, Sales Power Provider, RefRod

Na eerdere prachtige sport glossy magazines voor steden als Amsterdam, Utrecht, Tilburg en Alkmaar, is het eindelijk tijd voor Westfriesland.

Hoog tijd om de visies op sport van de zeven Westfriese gemeenten te presenteren. Tijd ook om de sponsoren het verhaal achter hun jarenlange clubsteun te laten vertellen. Want, wat doet dat voor het merk en je medewerkers? De spotlights worden verder gericht op succesvolle sportopleidingen en aanstormend nieuw talent, bekende topsporters uit de regio, sportscholen en multifunctionele sportaccommodaties. Maar ook de onmisbare gezondheidscentra en ondersteuning voor fysio en de voeding. En wat tegenwoordig allemaal mogelijk is bij aangepaste sporten.

Waar zet de Westfriese regio op in? Welke sporten krijgen speciale aandacht en welke groepen in de samenleving verdienen extra aandacht? En ook erg belangrijk: hoe kan sport de Westfriese regiomarketing helpen bij het positioneren van Westfriesland als “een dijk van een regio”? Denk aan grote evenementen als de Profronde van N-H, de Medemblik Regatta, Open Water Zwemmen en Marathon Hoorn.

Sportief Westfriesland 2017 gaat het allemaal vertellen in een glossy magazine met prachtige fotografie en strakke layout. Voorbeelden van vorige edities zijn online te bekijken (volg link). De lancering van Sportief Westfriesland is bepaald voor 21 mei tijdens de Delta Lloyd Regatta in Medemblik.

“Working again on merging old and new media using AR” – Rodric Leerling

“Working again on merging old and new media using AR” – Rodric Leerling

Thanks to a renewed cooperation with CoolBrandsPeople, I picked up a cool idea I’ve been working on before. This technology helps to make bring traditional publishing in sync with the mobile world: Augmented Reality.

The 2nd edition of Around The World in 80 Brands is filled with stories of people behind a great brand, recorded while travelling the world. And with the help from an app on your mobile phone, video messages as well as impressions of a city, region or sports can be shared. Whereas the glossy publication content can easily last for a year, the video content shown in the app can be refreshed as often as you want.

I immediately thought of my other current sales project, the new sport magazine we are launching soon in the Dutch region called West-Friesland. This region is basically the triangle between the towns of Medemblik, Enkhuizen and Hoorn, located in the Province of North-Holland. The first edition of the magazine Sportief Westfriesland will run interviews with local government officials on their policy of encouraging sport as civil participation and the cooperation in the region to facilitate top sport activity. Along with stories of companies actively supporting local sport clubs, telling why and what it does for their company brand image and its employees. And it will be presenting local sports talents and the tools and funds available to bring them to the next level.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to publish not only these sport stories along with a cool action photo, but also share a action video that will pop up when you point your mobile phone to the interview? Augmented Reality (AR) is working smoothly now, I really love the concept and can envision it. But it’s not for free. A hurdle to take.


“Tell me a joke, please!” – Rodric Leerling

Rodric Leerling, Leerling.biz, RefRod, Sales Power Provider
Always have a good story ready. That’s what, in my opinion, a true salesman has to do every day. Not just an elevator pitch and consequent sales story, but preferably an anecdote or cracking joke. Just to elevate the atmosphere or simply get people’s attention by surprise.

I seem to have a good, associative memory for jokes and also seem to know when to tell the right one. The one I most often tell came back in the mental ‘joke-carousel’ when I saw the pope recently, shaking hands during one of his visits abroad. My hero for this particular joke, Mr. Johnson, who’s a good friend of the pope, is eventually recognized by a total stranger on St. Peter’s Square while the pope is just labelled as ‘that guy in the white dress’. I know the long version and the short version of the joke, by the way.

After telling jokes like this, people regularly burst into laughter. They experienced an unexpected twist in a story, realized it is indeed funny, and let go of their emotions. You got their attention now, with their brain focused on what else you have to tell. And they already like you, even before you started the serious part.

I bet you will ask me to tell another one of these great jokes next time we meet. I’ve got a few more, I promise. But always expect a serious (sales) story to follow. One you won’t be able to forget either.