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“Tank Top Game”- Rodric Leerling

tank topThe two female teams last night were from the same club. Team 1 playing team 2, wearing the same green shirts. As soon as they walked into the futsal arena (5 minutes before game start), I started shaking my head and they noticed it.

Due to holidays, people sick, injured etc. had neither team thought about bringing alternative color shirts. But they had a solution: one team would wear a single red ribbon. But this ref said “sorry, computer says ‘no'” and let them come up with a better solution. Quickly please or else I would cancel the game.

Then they came up with a surprising solution: the home team would take their shirts off. I didn’t want to ask the embarassing question what they were wearing underneath, but had a hunch. No problem sir, we all have black tank tops and will use them. Suddenly, shirts were taken off, ladies in bra’s running around, and then there was a black tank top team vs a green team. We started 10 minutes late.

To my surprise they played a pretty good game and scored some nice goals. I was impressed, both by their creativity and their futsal skills. Serious.