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“I admit to have made a publishing error” – Rodric Leerling

“I admit to have made a publishing error” – Rodric Leerling

staycalm and play soccerI check my WordPress blog stats after each new blog. See if it the numbers get any higher than 20 readers. And where my readers are located. Just for fun.

I hardly get any reactions on the blogs other than the ‘like’ on Facebook from my English friends and a read-your-blog-note on Skype from my German former colleague. It confirms the language is ok and the story line was interesting. All I need to know.

But my previous blog on ref favoritism was different. I admit I was pretty annoyed by the tournament ref assignor’s choices, just giving me the basic pre-round games. And if I would have kept it in my  normal publication channels, nobody would have noticed. On top of that, all my blogs are intentionally without names and locations, and not tagged in any way.

But I made a judgement error by posting the blog link on the national LinkedIn ref forum. Just to ask people how they would deal with this kind of situations. Made a quick headline and posted the link. The assignor recognized the situation and sent me an agry app. Who I thought I was to make such accusations and I should have said it in his face, coward that I was (note: he wasn’t there when it happened). The tone was too angry to react on and I decided to ignore  it. But also realized I could damage reputations and that’s never  my intention. So removed the link again and edited my blog to make my point more clear.

Learned another lesson: keep your blogs super neutral and don’t write as frustrated victim of some kind of injustice. The reaction on my blog bothered me ever since it was published. So decided to use again this same blog to apologize if I hurt anyone, the ref assignor in particular. But I won’t publish it on the ref forum again. See who reads it this time.

“Ref Favoritism” – Rodric Leerling

bootlickerMy field football Season Finale was played on a lovely Saturday with just sunshine and friendly people. The group stages games were mostly of so-so quality, with some positive exceptions at the men’s games. I was looking forward to next stage games between teams of similar quality.

Especially the ladies games were pretty useless. Some teams had just one or two players with football skills and the rest were pretending. Another ladies team had a U14 boy as their goalkeeper. I allowed it, but when the team entered the quarter final, my assistant stopped him from participating in the penalty kicks. “Women only” my colleague told him, much to his chagrin.

Then the big deception of the day happened. Not the useless quarter final ladies game as such – both teams were only just above worst-of-the-worst, but the fact that that was it. Over and out. Refs who performed for the first time at this tournament were still hanging around the pitches. They had been assigned to next round games,  when the fun starts. Why them and not me, I wondered. I had no idea. The only thing we were told at the opening was not to ask questions once the next rounds were announced.

What had I done wrong? None of the below: insulted the ref coordinator? Arguments with a colleague ref? Being injured or too slow. Nope! In fact I did a pretty good series of 12 games (+1 extra when a ref didn’t show up). In the showers I realised what the criterium was: simple ref favoritism. There was another tournament coming up the following week. I signed in on this two-day-event once, but hated the A/B division of refs and decided not to join that ref huddle again. It looked like all the ‘ref personnel’ for the other tournament were ranked higher on this tournament. Somebody even told me assignments for next round games were done two days before the actual tournament. How naif could I be! I didn’t stand a chance, no matter how fast I ran, performed well as ref or voluntarily picked up more games. Your last round is ladies quarter finals. That sucks.

I wish him well, but this was my finale for this tournament. I’m not a bootlicker, but proud, qualified, well-trained referee that likes to be treated fairly. And judged on performance.


“Season Finale” – Rodric Leerling

Lieverdjes 2013.2June 1st today. I received a last-minute assignment as AS2 for a game tonight. And then it’s just two more tournaments to finish the field season.

This Saturday, it’s one of those lang standing tournament events I keep noting in my agenda: AdfoCup, the Dutch b2b advertising & marketing sector playing 7×7 for a full day in Amsterdam. Always fun, so far we have been blessed with great weather and the quality of games actually not being that bad. Influencing factor here I guess, is they only appoint licensed Dutch FA refs.

A record total of 85 teams, both male and female, have registered. Each team has 10 players, so with spectators this will easily attract over 1,000 people. Loud banging music, young parents bringing their kids, and a positive vibe. For the first time in many years I actually might bump into a business partner with his team.

Something to look forward to. Three days of hard work. Then – playtime!