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“Did the Futsal Secretary Kill my Promotion Chances?” – Rodric Leerling

“Did the Futsal Secretary Kill my Promotion Chances?” – Rodric Leerling

It was an important futsal night last Friday. On the roster a real futsal champions game. I checked the tables and realized the home team being nr.1 could become champion with just a draw, whereas for their opponent, nr.2 of the table, only a win would suffice. And on top of that my 3rd assessor’s report would be drafted based on this game.

I had ordered two chairs for penalty times and moved both sub benches five meters from the middle line and told both teams that they were facing the player sub area so don’t mess around! The indoor futsal hall was slowly filling with spectators.

I even requested a linesman to help me out. This is only required at next level games, but I didn’t want to take chances. The guy who was planned to be my secretary offered to take on this role while a former player was told to handle the scoreboard and clock. When I saw his sullen face, I suddenly realized I knew him as I had cautioned him in the past for dissent. A bad omen. OK, so this is how you start and stop the clock. And give me the last minute ok?

The game was tense from both sides but I hardly made any errors and was in full control. No cautions needed, so the chairs stayed empty. The shit hit the fan at the end of 1st half when the secretary forgot to give me ‘my last minute’. And shortly after, at the start of the 2nd half, he now forgot to start the clock and only after me shouting across the hall he did with 10 secs delay. Everything went fine and the home team was hitting home fast to become champion and get promoted to 1st class.

But my lousy secretary wasn’t paying attention again and he forgot to stop the clock at the last minute. Being fully concentrated, I noticed this immediately and started shouting across the hall to stop ‘the bloody thing’. And just when I looked up and then to my secretary, a home player took revenge (at least that I was told later) and tackled a guest player exactly at the same time. I only saw him drop and scream of pain, but didn’t see what caused it. I was still yelling at my lousy secretary, running across the hall and suddenly realized I missed a massive foul.

Spectators and players were yelling and screaming for justice. Why no cards ref? Come on, at least yellow? I quickly decided a free kick which seemed the minimum to everyone around me, but I didn’t know what else to do. I just ran the last 50 secs of the game with a deep feeling of frustration. The home team had won fairly easy and were celebrating their earned promotion. The away team realized they had just lost against a much better team.

Handshakes from both teams but I was still dazed and confused. I told the linesman that I was very upset about the stand-in secretary letting me down so badly. But he didn’t seem to care as the champagne bottles were popping and he just thanked me for a good game and walked away. Would the assessor have recorded what happened (from my perspective)? If not, I’m toast and can forget the hard worked promotion. All for nothing.

“Nothing more irritating than a good referee” – Rodric Leerling

“Nothing more irritating than a good referee” – Rodric Leerling

There are mainly two reasons why players can get irritated during a game: having either a lousy or a very good referee. They sometimes hope for the first so they can air their daily frustrations, but pray for the latter in order to fully focus on their own performance.

The good referee sometimes wonders why he is criticized from scratch. It can get him totally out of his balance sometimes. Even when he recognizes the small nasty fouls and clearly shows he can’t be fooled. Especially when he is in great condition, concentrated on each game no matter the league level, and equal and fair in his decisions.

I tell myself often I should ignore players’ comments, knowing I’m a good ref. But last weekend I got the official word from a player: sorry ref, you are just doing a very good ref job. We are getting irritated because you figured us out, recognizing the little fouls which other refs just let go. Please accept our apologies.

I was flabbergasted. But satisfied at the same time. I should stick to my game plan and stay focused.

“Coaches who tell me it’s the computer, and not them” – Rodric Leerling

“Coaches who tell me it’s the computer, and not them” – Rodric Leerling

It’s almost done with football indoors, or ‘futsal’ as we call it these days. Same goes for outdoor football (soccer) by the way. And you would guess problems with player passes would not play up anymore.

Well, not in my game last night. I did the usual field check and asked coaches to point me the player on my screen. It started with the away coach who had a question: “What to do when you spot new players in the opponent’s team?” Well, for me as ref, nothing else than checking the passes, which I’m going to do now. Keep you posted.

The home coach had only three players on his digital form which he sent to my app (the minimum required to play). Oh, sorry ref, can you add four more, I had some admin problems at home. Sure, I can. Just tell me their names. Of the four he wanted to add, only two showed up in the system. Ehhhm, that’s strange, they played all season and suddenly they are not recognized. We tried again, checked the spelling of their surnames. Nothing.

Walking back and forth, coach telling me (and the parents watching) it’s all my problem, my app, the futsal association etc. Delaying the game start with eventually 20 minutes, I forced them to make up their minds. They were about to cancel the game because they didn’t feel like playing with five (normal team but no subs) against a strong team they lost against last time. Well coach, it’s either walking away and get fined or playing and losing again. Not my decision. He wisely decided to play. And lost 2-12. What a loser.

“Being Googled is one thing, being YouTubed is next” – Rodric Leerling

“Being Googled is one thing, being YouTubed is next” – Rodric Leerling

We are living in a ‘reputation economy’ where people are ‘googling’ all the time. Google has in fact become the new background check, not only for products and services, but also for people. People are just googling all the time and actually making critical decisions based on what they find. What will they find about you?

For many people, you are who Google says you are. Isn’t that scary!

Google and other search engines are primarily text based, their algorithm programmed to find text and pictures based on tags and keywords. Indexes (to fill the 10 slots or hits on each page) are made not only on keywords but also based on the relevancy of the page’s semantics and back links. So it’s adamant you publish fresh, short bits of content regularly, relevant to your audience, illustrating who you really are and what you stand for. People will read and link to your (WordPress) home page and website.

Start making sure you are being found online. Google page1 will then soon read like a personal brand story. With the right tags in text and images, and back links, you will boost your online reputation and eventually create more business opportunities.

But the next step in your online reputation building is video content. YouTube, owned by Google, is the second largest search engine in the world. While people are watching videos on YouTube, they will use it as their new search engine. So whenever possible, check if a video was made during your performance and ask for footage when you give a presentation or interview. Add it to your online presence and show what you are made of!



“Trots om weer aan een mooi print product te werken: Sportief Westfriesland” – Rodric Leerling

Rodric Leerling, Leerling.biz, Sales Power Provider, RefRod

Na eerdere prachtige sport glossy magazines voor steden als Amsterdam, Utrecht, Tilburg en Alkmaar, is het eindelijk tijd voor Westfriesland.

Hoog tijd om de visies op sport van de zeven Westfriese gemeenten te presenteren. Tijd ook om de sponsoren het verhaal achter hun jarenlange clubsteun te laten vertellen. Want, wat doet dat voor het merk en je medewerkers? De spotlights worden verder gericht op succesvolle sportopleidingen en aanstormend nieuw talent, bekende topsporters uit de regio, sportscholen en multifunctionele sportaccommodaties. Maar ook de onmisbare gezondheidscentra en ondersteuning voor fysio en de voeding. En wat tegenwoordig allemaal mogelijk is bij aangepaste sporten.

Waar zet de Westfriese regio op in? Welke sporten krijgen speciale aandacht en welke groepen in de samenleving verdienen extra aandacht? En ook erg belangrijk: hoe kan sport de Westfriese regiomarketing helpen bij het positioneren van Westfriesland als “een dijk van een regio”? Denk aan grote evenementen als de Profronde van N-H, de Medemblik Regatta, Open Water Zwemmen en Marathon Hoorn.

Sportief Westfriesland 2017 gaat het allemaal vertellen in een glossy magazine met prachtige fotografie en strakke layout. Voorbeelden van vorige edities zijn online te bekijken (volg link). De lancering van Sportief Westfriesland is bepaald voor 21 mei tijdens de Delta Lloyd Regatta in Medemblik.

“My hobby: dealing with players totally out of control” – Rodric Leerling

“My hobby: dealing with players totally out of control” – Rodric Leerling

It happens once in a while, especially at indoor games: players behaving like they are on steroids.

Nr11 of the guest team last night behaved as if he had taken a pile of cafeine pills. A popular performance enhancing substance among football players. Not illegal because it’s easily confused with drinking 3 cups of coffee.

The away team played brilliant futsal and dominated the game. They are heading for promotion to the highest Dutch futsal league. Nr11 got his first warning after 8 mins. I was secretary for this game so had to control him on his penalty seat for 2 mins. Fuming over “the low quality referee” while he had just hit an opponent on the attack.

In 2nd half it became quite tense when nr11 was suddenly screaming with pain and dropping to the floor. In an effort to get the ball, his direct opponent touched him on the shoulder. I could see it from less than 10m distance. Even his team mates were taking a step back. No support for what seemed to be a ridiculous piece of acting. The ref told him to get up and act normal, which made him scream even louder. Everyone around him looked in utter disbelief.

A 2nd yellow for acting and unsporting behavior would mean expulsion and 5mins time penalty. I saw the ref taking his time while nr11 was crawling on the floor. Eventually, his coach would speak the magic words: sub! He was told to sit on the bench and cool down.

The aspirant champions scored some more amazing goals and won the game easily. I had a quick chat with the center ref before my own game would start. He admitted considering a 2nd yellow but feared the outcome of that. I was disappointed. A higher raking ref with no guts. Time for me to step up. Bring them on, you futsal-on-steroids-players.

“How I survive tough games and obnoxious players” – Rodric Leerling

“How I survive tough games and obnoxious players” – Rodric Leerling

Last night I was assigned to replace a colleague ref on two late night futsal games. Maybe he preferred watching Champions League or the outcome of the Dutch national elections. Two events close to my heart, but I decided to go refereeing anyhow. I need this distraction.

The hall was still empty when I arrived, so this game could have been scheduled earlier. Checked the digital player passes and got the game on track. The away team was ranking low, whereas the home team was close to promotion. But the away team scored early goals and got the other team frustrated. The game needed my full concentration from scratch.

This focus helped me  to spot a handball near the home team goal: yellow and penalty kick. Made the call and got compliments from the home team for spotting it and taking the correct measures. But they eventually made more fouls and I had to send off three of their players in total with yellow.

I ignored all their comments and showed yellow where appropriate. The game resulted in a narrow one goal difference victory by the away team. Handshakes from most of them, but still a talking home captain and goalie. I told them I heard enough and said I now understood why the futsal FA sent me to this game. He looked at me surprised. “Seriously? Are we being scrutinized?” He walked off steaming.

I was already into my second game when I saw him walking towards me with his sports bag and wet hair. With a smile this time and a hand on my shoulder. “Sorry ref, we were a bit frustrated.” Sure, I understand, I said. “But what was that about the FA and you reffing us?” Ha ha, got you bro. I pulled your proverbial leg and you went for it. He laughed and wished me a good night. I used my second game to cool down and left for home with a great feeling.


“Not my hobby, but you should renew your profile pictures regularly” – Rodric Leerling

“Not my hobby, but you should renew your profile pictures regularly” – Rodric Leerling

We had another good meeting with a potential new business network this week. We talked about the need to have a good personal positioning online. Not to white-wash any possible negative publicity, but rather to use the Google page 1 hits as your personal show case.

Google page 1 is where people will look to check you out (page 2 the perfect place to hide a dead body). As we all do before purchasing a new product, destination or service. What is available about you as a person and a businessman? Can they trust you and, even better, where do you stand for? Make no mistake, everyone is checking everyone, all the time.

Now, whether you are outspoken and proud person, or just a modest businessman, for Google it doesn’t matter, they will present you on whatever is available when being used for search. And ‘no news’ is not ‘good news’ because when all the 10 slots are blank, an opportunity to shine has gone wasted. Are you another nobody or a warm personality whom it’s great doing business with? It’s up to you.

After our meeting I had some pics taken to refresh my own personal presence. You will start seeing them appear on my blogs. When will I see yours being updated?


“Working again on merging old and new media using AR” – Rodric Leerling

“Working again on merging old and new media using AR” – Rodric Leerling

Thanks to a renewed cooperation with CoolBrandsPeople, I picked up a cool idea I’ve been working on before. This technology helps to make bring traditional publishing in sync with the mobile world: Augmented Reality.

The 2nd edition of Around The World in 80 Brands is filled with stories of people behind a great brand, recorded while travelling the world. And with the help from an app on your mobile phone, video messages as well as impressions of a city, region or sports can be shared. Whereas the glossy publication content can easily last for a year, the video content shown in the app can be refreshed as often as you want.

I immediately thought of my other current sales project, the new sport magazine we are launching soon in the Dutch region called West-Friesland. This region is basically the triangle between the towns of Medemblik, Enkhuizen and Hoorn, located in the Province of North-Holland. The first edition of the magazine Sportief Westfriesland will run interviews with local government officials on their policy of encouraging sport as civil participation and the cooperation in the region to facilitate top sport activity. Along with stories of companies actively supporting local sport clubs, telling why and what it does for their company brand image and its employees. And it will be presenting local sports talents and the tools and funds available to bring them to the next level.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to publish not only these sport stories along with a cool action photo, but also share a action video that will pop up when you point your mobile phone to the interview? Augmented Reality (AR) is working smoothly now, I really love the concept and can envision it. But it’s not for free. A hurdle to take.


“Why I’m still working from my Home Office” – Rodric Leerling

“Why I’m still working from my Home Office” – Rodric Leerling

I have a confession to make: I hate shopping. As long as I remember, I have tried to limit my time spent in shops. I feel sorry for the many retail outlets collapsing lately and employees loosing their jobs. But ever since they came to life, I prefered visiting webshops like Amazon and Bol.com.

Still, whether it’s bricks&mortar or e-retail, I sometimes wonder how I’m being influenced in my every-day purchase decisions. Questions like what colour is popular, which brand is current, which company is acting sustainable, etc. should play a role in my mental algorithms. But I’m not really aware of them. Still, these individual online preferences are stored and sold again – all in split seconds – to companies trying to create a profile and sell to me again online.

Luckily, I’m pretty down-to-earth when it comes to buying stuff. The car simply has to do its transport job, and I’m pretty brand loyal. The next running shoes shouldn’t be too expensive and specific colors are of no real value. Shirts and underwear are preferably ordered online so nobody needs to know my preference (apart from Google of course). Electronics and printer cartridges are ordered with my fav webshop and delivered the next day.

Lately, I have been tempted to work from another location than my Home Office, in one of the many office spaces offered to sole-traders like me. Good coffee, buzzing environment, many start-ups and sole-traders working close to you. I have been to a few lately and realised I still prefer my Home Office and get out regularly, meeting other people. Concentration and not being distracted. And I love the view from my loft studio!