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A farewell to Media Sales, entering Account Management – Rodric Leerling

A farewell to Media Sales, entering Account Management – Rodric Leerling

Today, this official press release was sent out to the international translation industry. At the same time, it’s farewell to the media sales industry I’ve been serving for 30+ years. I’m turning a new corner in my sales career to become account manager in the translation services industry. Never a dull moment!


Euro-com has appointed Rodric Leerling as their new International Account Manager to better serve its fast growing international LSP-network.

Euro-com is an ISO-certified translation agency based in the Netherlands with in-house translation capacity for Dutch, English, French and German, combined with a high quality pool of Scandinavian linguists and several other language pairs.
Over 80% of Euro-com’s work currently is derived from collaboration with other localization companies, such as Acolad, Lionbridge, Csoft, Welocalize, United Language Group, Medialocate, Simultrans and several other large LSP’s. Its ambition is to become preferred supplier to many more LSP peers abroad. Current clients offer as prime reasons for hiring Euro-com: fast turnaround, flexibility, top quality, human touch and a sharp pricing.

Euro-com is one of the top rated companies on ProZ, providing high quality full-service (translation-edit-proof) assistance for a competitive price.

A dedicated team of 20 PM’s work hard together with the linguists to meet every translation demand. They are coached by a QA department to ensure that each translation meets the desired output. Euro-com is experienced with all major CAT tools like SDL Studio, Memsource, MemoQ, XTM, Across, etc. and specialized in translations and localizations in life sciences, marketing, legal and technical domains. 


“A sales guy who never stops” – Rodric Leerling

It doesn’t happens very often, so it really took me by surprise. The lady I had found in my social network looked like the right person to talk to for my social media proposition. She also shared the same nationality and I tried the friendly native language approach, despite her probably English business environment.

Wrong choice, or just the wrong moment? I probably will never know, but she didn’t give me a chance and yelled at me why I called her! Well, that’s a question that can be answered in 30 seconds – the elevator pitch. Before I even could try to explain my reason and asking if she could help me find a better person, she just threw down the phone. So much for an international brand manager!

Ouch, that hurts. Of course, we sales people just start when we hear ‘no’, but I decided this time to leave it and dial another number. Just to get over it quickly and not to take it personal. The next person at the same company listened to me and suggested another colleague to talk to, who proved to be the right person. The door opened and he wanted to hear more.

I might bump into the bad-tempered brand person at my next visit. I will behave like a pro and will just tell her we have been on the phone, briefly, but maybe I should introduce myself properly this time?

Rodric Leerling


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