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Don’t Put Your Trust In The Rain Radar App – Rodric Leerling

Don’t Put Your Trust In The Rain Radar App – Rodric Leerling

We were kindly advised to evacuate the hotel terrass within 15 minutes. The waitress looked pretty serious and pointed to the sky. The rain radar was predicting heavy rainfall with thunderstorm and we’d better move indoors.

We decided however to wait a while and not immediately follow her sincere advise. While we continued our conversation I thought I felt a first raindrop while temperatures were close to 30C and getting very humid. But nothing happened and it stayed dry for the rest of the day. Well, at least in Amsterdam, while other places got the full rain menu.

The rain radar tool is supposed to predict rain. A no-brainer. Predicting rain at a specific time and location. But it’s apparently not very accurate where the delivery will take place. Aren’t we focussed too much on our smartphone and at the same time getting dependent on information from our electronic devices? Why not check things with our own eyes and study the skies instead of our screens.

Here’s my analogue weather approach: check the position of birds flying high or low (flying low is due to low pressure). Smell the air of plants discarding their waste at low pressure, producing the smell  of compost. Sudden low pressure is known for predicting bad weather. Can I recommend a combination of digital and analogue assessments for future local weather predictions? It might save your outdoor meeting.