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“What to do When Elevator Pitches don’t Work Anylonger?” – Rodric Leerling

“What to do When Elevator Pitches don’t Work Anylonger?” – Rodric Leerling

As most people know, the fancy term ‘elevator pitch’ stems from the use of elevators in the US. Tall buildings with sometimes 50+ stories where people huddle together to get to their office floors. Imagine you would literally bump into the person you are desperately trying to contact? Could you give him or her your pitch in 1 minute while going up?

Lots of sales trainings are gearing toward that 1 minute pitch. Also handy to use for cold calls on the phone: “Can I have one minute of your time?” Who would deny you that 1 minute? But first you need to get your prospect actually pick up the phone. Voicemails are mostly dead-ends and don’t forget those gatekeepers telling you ‘he is in a meeting’. Meaning, he doesn’t have time to talk to you because he doesn’t  know you. ‘First send us an email what it’s all about’. You know that won’t work either, but what are your alternatives as sales rep these days?

Traditional sales people are struggling to generate new leads in order to get meetings for a demo, qualify leads and start sales conversations. All traditional roads seem to be closing for them. My advice: in stead of cold calling, start meeting your prospects where they gather and start getting used to Social Selling. It might take more than 1 minute though.

Your prospects are all using social media to gather information online. So, make sure you find them where they are searching. Offer them good pieces of advice, cheat sheets, white papers, case studies etc. It’s already been researched and clearly showing that sales reps using social networks are simply selling more.

Let’s explore the best social media platforms in another blog. Stay tuned!


“Sharing My Current Podcast Top 5” – Rodric Leerling

I started updating my podcast list beginning this year. Then I decided to publish my favorite top 10 in February. Picking up my good habit was ignited mostly because I wanted to understand more of the dramatically changed American political constellation. And how to use new social media tools.

Ever since I picked up new podcasts, my previous top 10 of podcasts proved just too large. There was no way I could listen to them all during the week. So. I’ve reduced the list to really interesting and daily podcasts and it’s a Top 5 now.

Another important criteria is the length of the average podcast. Anything between 20-30 minutes proves to be ideal. I tend to listen to the podcasts over lunch or during a commute. A 60 minute podcasts all tend to start slow and make you use the 10sec forward button. So, this is what I listen to now regularly. Hope it brings new inspiration to you as well!

  1. The Daily (EN) – NYT, Michael Barbaro (daily, 20min) “this moment demands an explanation”
  2. The Fizzle Show (EN) – Business Talk Show (weekly, 60min) “Creating your own new business”
  3. The Moth (EN) – “true stories, told live and without notes” (weekly, 50min)
  4. SocialMediaMarketing (EN) – Michael Stelzner, “Tips and techniques for creating great content” (weekly, 45min)
  5. How I Built This (EN) – NPR (weekly, 40min) “interviews with innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists”
“My Current Podcast Top 10” – Rodric Leerling

“My Current Podcast Top 10” – Rodric Leerling

leerling.biz, RefRod, Sales Power Provider
Rodric Leerling
  1. No Agenda (EN) – Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak (2x wkly, 120min+)

“a show about politics with no agenda”

  1. The Daily (EN) – NYT, Michael Barbaro (daily, 20min)

“this moment demands an explanation”

  1. State of America (EN) – CNN, Kate Bolduan (daily, 25min)

“inside story of the new Trump presidency”

  1. Linking into Sales (EN) – Greg Hyer, Elyse Archer & Martin Brossman (60min)

“techniques for using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+”

  1. TEDTalks audio (EN) – (15min)

“ideas worth spreading”

  1. The Brief (NL) – WayneParkerKent, (bi-weekly, 45min)

“Podcast about content, marketing and media”

  1. Bernard Hammelburg (NL) – BNR (weekly, 2min)

“plaatst de internationale politiek in context”

  1. Podcast over MEDIA (NL) – Alexander Klopping (irregular, 60min+)

“podcast over media”

  1. BNR Digitaal (NL)Herbert Blankesteijn (weekly, 25min)

“Schakelen tussen internet, computer en telefonie”

  1. Hardwell On Air – DJ Hardwell (weekly, 60min)

“trendsetting and original Hardwell sound“



“How podcasts became part of my morning ritual” – Rodric Leerling

“How podcasts became part of my morning ritual” – Rodric Leerling

Rodric Leerling, Leerling.biz, RefRod

Podcast is claimed to be invented by former TV-host, radio-DJ, and internet entrepreneur Adam Curry, some 10 years ago. Not everyone agrees, like the inventor of the RSS feed (claiming 2003 as the launch year). But fact is, Adam Curry was the first to make money with podcasts after launching the PodShow in 2005 and since has become a famous ‘podcaster’. Curry is also widely credited for popularizing the podcast medium.

Since October 2007, Curry is hosting the twice-weekly (Thu+Sun) podcast the No Agenda Show, discussing recent news and media memes. I don’t know how he manages this, but this podcast does not accept any advertising and is solely supported by the listeners.

I myself started thankfully using podcasts back in 2007 on my daily commute between our house in Montclair, NJ and NY City. On my subscription list: The Economist, BBC, CNN and some Dutch radio programs I missed dearly. Back then, you had to use iTunes and get your updates downloaded on your iPod. Today, with broadband connections and improved devices, streaming podcasts are the norm. Plenty mobile apps to choose from (DoublePod for me) and Podcast-Bob is your Uncle!

The popularity is booming and seemingly unstoppable. With a huge variety of programs to subscribe to, and the addition of audio interfaces in cars, it has become a new force in content marketing. Why? Because you can listen to 20-30 minutes episodes of programs you would miss on linear radio. Opinions, stories, tech updates, meditation, explanations etc. are updated automatically on your phone each time a new episode is created. And you tend to listen with 100% attention, doing your work-out, on the commute or at home. I’m totally hooked!