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”Annoying twins” – Rodric Leerling

TimeOutWhile checking the player passes before last week’s (adult) match, I noticed two similar last names and dito faces. In futsal, many teams play with siblings, so I didn’t really take further notice of it.

The game, however, proved to be a difficult one with lots of fouls, resulting in three yellow cards (= 2 mins penalty time). Especially the twins in the home team behaved obnoxious but at first I couldn’t tell whether it was the same one or if they took turns. One of them started shaking his head during 2nd half indicating he didn’t agree with anything I decided. Reason enough to warn him with yellow, but gentle as I am, I just told him to stop that behavior and called out his number to make sure I had the right one.

Three minutes before full time, he accidentally tripped an opponent. A light foul and normally no reason to pull the yellow card, but I was so fed up with this bloke I decided to take revenge for his dissent and sent him off with hardly time left to come back in the game and support his team. He exploded but had no choice. His team lost the game with only 1 goal difference. I didn’t feel any guilt. Good riddance.