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“Ready for new season?” – Rodric Leerling

One of the most remarkable images of me as ref. The guy with nr8 would be my colleague 3 years later. He recognized me and himself from the pic on my profile
One of the most remarkable images of me as ref. The guy with nr8 would be my colleague 3 years later. He recognized me and himself from the pic on my profile

I made sure to be in shape on time. Made extra runs on the beach this summer in Brittany, used the mountainbike and took care a slight foot injury healed well.

The football assoc planned my first game already early July so I made sure to be home on time. And then the two teams decided to postpone their game. Probably called each other earlier in the week.But no call to me as ref, no apology, just a standard email with a new date in my mailbox at 5pm on Friday, 20 hours before kick-off.

I feel let down. Not appreciated. Decided per immediate to stop reffing future cup games which are just used to test new teams anyway. Cancelling competition games are penalized but Cup games are taken less serious apparently.

Well, you can count me out. I will wait for the real competition. A complaint letter is the only thing I can do to air my frustration. And writing this blog of course. More to follow soon. Stay tuned.

“Write or die” – Rodric Leerling

Pulse logoSomebody explained to me recently that being found on search engines is vital for one’s business, especially when you are a sole-trader or freelancer. Make sure your name pops up easily when search is done on keywords and business terms in your sector. Or by contributing to discussions on platforms. And then also make sure the right impression is formed by writing various and regular blogs about your business, adding value to your personal brand.

For that reason, I decided to let my personal branding site Leerling.biz be overtaken by my mini-blog site on WordPress (rodricleerling.wordpress.com). It contains small blogs, mostly about my sports hobby as football referee. Intertwined with business experiences, like this one today. By always adding my slogan ‘Sales Power Provider’ in the tags (and my name, key words for the story etc.), I am now listed on page 1 of Google, along with energy power providers!

Today, another dimension in this ‘being found process’ was brought to my attention. Apparently, it’s even better to publish your blogs on LinkedIn and it’s channel dedicated for this: Pulse. Google’s ranking is simply less easy to influence than this platform, where your direct network is more present. I’m keeping an eye on this and in the meantime keep writing.

“Once independent….” – Rodric Leerling

yes, I'm the boss mugAbout 12 years ago, I decided to quit my job and start running my own company. I called myself Sales Power Provider and became media entrepreneur, independent sales guy, sole-trader, or whatever you want to call it. Most importantly, I freed myself from the suffocating business atmosphere I was in then and it made me agile to work on different sales projects at the same time.

But deep inside, I also noticed how important it is to live your life to the full. Not to sit still and wait untill storms are over but when you feel it’s time to go, cut the cord and don’t waste your precious time. Even when you don’t know the consequences it may bear.

And once independent, you get used to running risks, more than when being FTE. It’s like reffing a football game: you decide when to blow the whistle for kick-off, but you don’t know what may follow. Cards, subs and goals; you just write them down, shake hands, report them and move on to the next match.