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“Stop talking to me” – Rodric Leerling

surprised refI showed him a yellow card, minutes before the last whistle and seconds  before the away team scored the long awaited 0-1.
Just had enough of his ‘comments’, not extremely negative, but just enough to make my head turn. Had pointed my finger to him before and noted number 7 in my head.

I hate issuing cards for dissent early in the game as it leaves no space for any fouls or be sent off and influence the game. Still, some players sense that you are that kind of ref and test your tolerance to the max. This young fellow chose intervals of 15 minutes average. Smart ass.

Number 7 would come up to me after the game and I wanted to explain my decision. He started first: “it’s not my first yellow ref, I’m a collector”. Right, always the same players. I laid my arm on his shoulder and told him to be smarter and stop talking when I tell him so. Not try to have the last word and look at me to see what I would do. “You just don’t tempt me”. He smiled and joined his fellow team members to discuss what went wrong in the 0-1 last minute lost game. Probably his concentration.