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The doctor doesn’t want to see me untill Christmas – Rodric Leerling

The doctor doesn’t want to see me untill Christmas – Rodric Leerling

The rheumatologist made the promised call, sharing the recent bloodtest results. Blood is fine. No indications for auto-immune disorder. So, it looks like the inflammation has been halted. Yeah.

Then his question: how are you? Well, the knee is still normal after almost three weeks. Good. Sounds like you are back to normal. With this restriction: no peak muscle stress advised for the next three months.

So, refereeing will have to wait till January. In the meantime it’s important not to trigger a new inflammation and not put too much pressure on the knee muscles.

I’m ok with that as long as I can go about without pain and stiffness. And no new medication. Four months of a weird sudden inflammation seem over. Maybe ignited by a heavy sports season afterall. Full circle after all.

Stuck In The Medical System Without Perspective – Rodric Leerling

Stuck In The Medical System Without Perspective – Rodric Leerling

Today, I visited the student orthopedist again in hospital. His injection of three weeks ago didn’t have the expected effect. I enjoyed a short three days of a non-swollen knee. Since ten days it’s back and hence limping time again. And that for ten weeks on a row now.

I called and asked the hospital reception last week if I could just have a phone call to tell the doctor that the injection didn’t work for long. No, I was told, you have to come in person and see the doctor again (hence the expression ‘pay them a visit’?).

It was the usual 30 minutes delay and then within 2 minutes the conclusion: “hmmm, this is not good, I have to consult the specialist. I will be back soon.” They basically ticked the same boxes as my GP had done four weeks ago. The verdict: an MRI scan to check the tissues around the knee. See if there is something wrong that couldn’t be spotted on the X-Ray. Another injection was not possible, unfortunately.

To my big surprise, the scan could be scheduled on next Saturday with the follow-up consulting visit on Tuesday. If that’s not going to produce any clarity, a tube operation will be the last resort.

I think I’m going to call the Dutch football association telling them that I’m not going to  be ready for the season opening games. In the higher ref league. Four weeks to get back in shape is basically too little time.

“Making Plans While Your Body Says ‘NO’ – Rodric Leerling

“Making Plans While Your Body Says ‘NO’ – Rodric Leerling

I was excited and busy making plans for a great Summer football season. The field play-offs already started with a last-minute mid-week AR assignment and another AR one for this weekend. On top of that, I received a last-minute futsal play-off game to ref as well. And I was invited to a company field tournament in June and was enlisted for Beach Soccer reffing again soon. Exciting!

But then suddenly, my body told me it was enough for now. Last weekend, my right knee suddenly swelled like a balloon. No pain, just stiff and impossible to bend. Well, I thought, it sure will be better tomorrow. But it stayed bad so I had to see a doctor who did some basic tests and said the swelling could be reduced with medication. If it doesn’t change, come back next week. Bit surprised, but didn’t want to argue.

Well, it is next week now, and the knee not only still looks swollen, but is also hurting now. Medication doesn’t seem to work, so I’m planning to see the doctor again, this time to ask for physio therapy. In the meantime, I had to cancel the futsal play-off game and two field play-off games. I’m slightly worried about the rest of the upcoming field play-off games. Maybe it’s season finale for me, before it even started. Maybe I pressed myself too hard to get the futsal promotion, who knows. Combination of futsal and field games getting too much?

So, it’s time to do some other things. Write another personal blog. Visit some friends. Make myself useful around the house. Limping.