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Aiming for another re-start- Rodric Leerling

Aiming for another re-start- Rodric Leerling

I had the unfortunate experience with Murphy’s Law on grass this year. After a full year of knee injury and only four games into the new season, it was game-over again in October. This time my left calf muscle gave in. Continue reading “Aiming for another re-start- Rodric Leerling”

The Cool Projects I worked for (Part 3 – Influencer Marketing) – Rodric Leerling

The Cool Projects I worked for (Part 3 – Influencer Marketing) – Rodric Leerling

MTG NL – influencer marketing, MCN, video concepts development Continue reading “The Cool Projects I worked for (Part 3 – Influencer Marketing) – Rodric Leerling”

“Proud to ref the best Dutch U16 players” – Rodric Leerling

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To my surprise and excitement, I was assigned to another pro U16 game this season.

Only disappointment was the different game location. Due to some Christmas event it wasn’t in a real football stadium this time, but just at the neighboring amateur football club.

I can hear you think: hey, it’s the game, stupid. I know, but at 3pm with fog, in mid December and darkness closing in fast, you need good lights. Unfortunately that was not the case at this club with just basic training flood lights, leaving the middle parts of the pitch in twilight. Especially the goal areas were tricky at times.

But there was no way back, despite comments from the away coach (a former pro player) complaining he at times couldn’t see where the ball was. Glad I spotted most fouls though and had pretty good AR’s working the lines.

Everyone happy the game finished in a good manner despite the poor conditions. Especially the home team, who won and beat the table leaders for once.

“Native Advertising” – Rodric Leerling

Cinemates, Endemol Shine, Native Advertising
Cinemates, Endemol Shine, Native Advertising

Being ‘a native’ used to imply being ‘born here’. A native knows the area he/she lives in, speaks the ‘native tongue’, knows the people and its culture. It comes handy when ‘foreigners’ enter the territory and want to know ‘how things are done’, how to speak the language, mingle with its culture. A translation is needed to understand the other tribe.

The same is happening in a fast growing new media sector: native advertising. But it’s not as new as it might sound. In traditional media one could publish ‘advertorials’ that ‘blended in’ with the printed environment. It would try to look the same in typecast and layout so people would read it along with the other editorial content. What’s new with native advertising is the dynamic setting: video, and its creators. Some of these creators (‘channels’) became celebs overnight and have millions of followers. A new communication channel was born and a hence a new way of influencing prospect consumers through ‘influencer marketing’.

Getting these new Youtube and Facebook creators involved in commercial messages is quite a steep task. The successful ones make quite some money by uploading their videos and sharing revenues on the ads that appear before starting (pre-roll), half way when longer (mid-roll) and even post-roll with a ‘call-to-action’. Brands are increasingly trying to make these video producers promote their products as ‘native’ as possible, using the their language and way of doing things. And pay them by the level of followers or views they generate on an average video.

New online industry standards are being installed, trying to keep things transparent by demanding the same warning as in the old days, marking these videos as ‘offered to you by’ or ‘sponsored content’. The new generation of social media consumers won’t bother. They just want to dress, eat, drink and look like their heroes. No matter how much they get paid to look like this ‘native’.