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“Who’s your mummy?” – Rodric Leerling

toy storyIt was my turn again last week: reffing two female futsal teams. I could already sense the difference at the sports location. Immediately after entering the futsal arena, I spotted a toddler playing with his robot. Close to the futsal pitch! When I asked “who’s your daddy?”, he just pointed to his mummy.

The preceding male teams were almost ready and the ladies started their warming up. But then a former team member turned up, proudly presenting her new born baby. The whole team skipped the warming up to start speaking toodaleedoo language to the scared looking baby. I had to blow the whistle to call for order and get going.

But what was really noteworthy last week was the Sportlinked app pilot I was asked to participate in. Futsal refs in certain selected game levels were equipped with an mobile phone app as digital game reporting system. This will help skip the (unpractical) need for laptops in futsal locations. Teams normally bring their player passes while the ref checks them on picture and issue date. In the app, this is digitally connected to the futsal association database. Expired passes wont show up. No more scribbling or sticking labels on forms. Easy does it.

However, I noted some issues still to be solved and decided to tweet about it (to speed up things). Most important things is my phone that’s on the table during the game. At higher level games, a secretary will keep scores, time  and handle the admin. I don’t want him or her checking my phone for the app. And secondly, where do team captains sign-off on the app? I just did the admin in my ref app, showed it to the team captains and send it out.

Well, the admin app is a big step forward saving us from a lot of hassle, that’s for sure. Glad to start using it next season.

“Careful with our goalie” – Rodric Leerling

indoor goalieEvery once in a while I have to ref veteran futsal teams. It’s confronting with my own age and I highly respect futsal players with an average age of 55.

But don’t underestimate them as they can be very demanding. But you can slow down as referee as the speed is much lower than an average game. And they don’t get a referee very often, they told me. So now I was available, they thought they could start calling for even the lightest things, half of them I would ignore or wave off.

The most remarkable player last week was the home team goalie. I guess he must have been 60+, measuring against my own (misleading) age looks. The beatings he took! Unbelievable when you consider the kind of balls that are being fired on a futsal goal, even by veteran players.

These veteran players have been playing for some years and are just slowing down. But not when hitting a goal I can tell you. The old man screamed, begging almost, to stop these balls earlier. He got them in his stomach, on his legs and arms, but kept his team going by stopping the opponent heroically. I showed him my admiration afterwards and he just smiled. Glad he could still do it and if he had to suffer from the bruises for a few days, so be it. I promised to tell the U16 team next time!