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“What to do When Elevator Pitches don’t Work Anylonger?” – Rodric Leerling

“What to do When Elevator Pitches don’t Work Anylonger?” – Rodric Leerling

As most people know, the fancy term ‘elevator pitch’ stems from the use of elevators in the US. Tall buildings with sometimes 50+ stories where people huddle together to get to their office floors. Imagine you would literally bump into the person you are desperately trying to contact? Could you give him or her your pitch in 1 minute while going up?

Lots of sales trainings are gearing toward that 1 minute pitch. Also handy to use for cold calls on the phone: “Can I have one minute of your time?” Who would deny you that 1 minute? But first you need to get your prospect actually pick up the phone. Voicemails are mostly dead-ends and don’t forget those gatekeepers telling you ‘he is in a meeting’. Meaning, he doesn’t have time to talk to you because he doesn’t  know you. ‘First send us an email what it’s all about’. You know that won’t work either, but what are your alternatives as sales rep these days?

Traditional sales people are struggling to generate new leads in order to get meetings for a demo, qualify leads and start sales conversations. All traditional roads seem to be closing for them. My advice: in stead of cold calling, start meeting your prospects where they gather and start getting used to Social Selling. It might take more than 1 minute though.

Your prospects are all using social media to gather information online. So, make sure you find them where they are searching. Offer them good pieces of advice, cheat sheets, white papers, case studies etc. It’s already been researched and clearly showing that sales reps using social networks are simply selling more.

Let’s explore the best social media platforms in another blog. Stay tuned!


“Is ‘no news’ about you also ‘good news’ on Google p1?” – Rodric Leerling

“Is ‘no news’ about you also ‘good news’ on Google p1?” – Rodric Leerling

When was the last time you used a phone book to call a plumber? Whether it’s a product you want to purchase, or a new holiday travel destination, people are googling all the time and making critical decisions based on what they find. Still, few businessmen realise the same is happening on their person.

People are using Google (90% of all search traffic) to find information about you and other people that cross their paths, for better or for worse. The question to you is: what are they finding? Your content – from websites and blogs to articles, news and social media posts – will determine whether people choose to do business with you, or go elsewhere.

According to recent surveys in the US, only 2% of users ‘own’ their entire 1st page of Google, and less than half own their very first result, which is the most important. 92% of users do not go past page 1 for any given search. In fact, as the joke goes, “Google page 2 is the perfect place to hide a dead body”.

So my word of business advice: start thinking like a consumer! As you google a new product or service, now go and google yourself and see what others find about you. Is that really you, both in text and pictures? Those 10 hits on Google page 1 can be filled with content about who you really are. Think about it and let me help you.