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“Broken flag” – Rodric Leerling

AR signalsI guess my assistant ref didn’t have the guts to tell me in person. He managed to break my AR flag! I got it back in pieces from their coach and I wanted to ask him some questions. How did he signal me after he finished my flag and how did he snap it in the first place? I blamed his lousy team’s performance (4-0 behind in 20 mins) and droppped the case.

There simply was no time to reconstruct the story. I just accepted the 3 pieces and decided to withdraw in my locker room. But on opening the door, I was blown away by an extreme odor of  sweaty feet. The locker room was big enough to host a football squad but there were only two guys using it. My apparent colleague wasn’t present so I couldn’t ask him to remove his socks and shoes.  The only option was to keep the door open while taking my 10 minute break.

The game ended in 5-0 and I now also got my other flag back. More break-downs were about to happen though: the digital game admin system this time, and I decided to finish it at home after having received sign-offs from both coaches. That proved to be another hurdle as the Dutch FA changed the remote digital access (without telling us). I had to spend more time to find ‘rescue game docs’, fill them in, send them off by email. To be called by the FA on Monday why I didn’t fill in the digital paperwork. I told them honestly I had a severe ‘break-down-day’.