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“Not my hobby, but you should renew your profile pictures regularly” – Rodric Leerling

“Not my hobby, but you should renew your profile pictures regularly” – Rodric Leerling

We had another good meeting with a potential new business network this week. We talked about the need to have a good personal positioning online. Not to white-wash any possible negative publicity, but rather to use the Google page 1 hits as your personal show case.

Google page 1 is where people will look to check you out (page 2 the perfect place to hide a dead body). As we all do before purchasing a new product, destination or service. What is available about you as a person and a businessman? Can they trust you and, even better, where do you stand for? Make no mistake, everyone is checking everyone, all the time.

Now, whether you are outspoken and proud person, or just a modest businessman, for Google it doesn’t matter, they will present you on whatever is available when being used for search. And ‘no news’ is not ‘good news’ because when all the 10 slots are blank, an opportunity to shine has gone wasted. Are you another nobody or a warm personality whom it’s great doing business with? It’s up to you.

After our meeting I had some pics taken to refresh my own personal presence. You will start seeing them appear on my blogs. When will I see yours being updated?


“Why I’m still working from my Home Office” – Rodric Leerling

“Why I’m still working from my Home Office” – Rodric Leerling

I have a confession to make: I hate shopping. As long as I remember, I have tried to limit my time spent in shops. I feel sorry for the many retail outlets collapsing lately and employees loosing their jobs. But ever since they came to life, I prefered visiting webshops like Amazon and Bol.com.

Still, whether it’s bricks&mortar or e-retail, I sometimes wonder how I’m being influenced in my every-day purchase decisions. Questions like what colour is popular, which brand is current, which company is acting sustainable, etc. should play a role in my mental algorithms. But I’m not really aware of them. Still, these individual online preferences are stored and sold again – all in split seconds – to companies trying to create a profile and sell to me again online.

Luckily, I’m pretty down-to-earth when it comes to buying stuff. The car simply has to do its transport job, and I’m pretty brand loyal. The next running shoes shouldn’t be too expensive and specific colors are of no real value. Shirts and underwear are preferably ordered online so nobody needs to know my preference (apart from Google of course). Electronics and printer cartridges are ordered with my fav webshop and delivered the next day.

Lately, I have been tempted to work from another location than my Home Office, in one of the many office spaces offered to sole-traders like me. Good coffee, buzzing environment, many start-ups and sole-traders working close to you. I have been to a few lately and realised I still prefer my Home Office and get out regularly, meeting other people. Concentration and not being distracted. And I love the view from my loft studio!


“My Current Podcast Top 10” – Rodric Leerling

“My Current Podcast Top 10” – Rodric Leerling

leerling.biz, RefRod, Sales Power Provider
Rodric Leerling
  1. No Agenda (EN) – Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak (2x wkly, 120min+)

“a show about politics with no agenda”

  1. The Daily (EN) – NYT, Michael Barbaro (daily, 20min)

“this moment demands an explanation”

  1. State of America (EN) – CNN, Kate Bolduan (daily, 25min)

“inside story of the new Trump presidency”

  1. Linking into Sales (EN) – Greg Hyer, Elyse Archer & Martin Brossman (60min)

“techniques for using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+”

  1. TEDTalks audio (EN) – (15min)

“ideas worth spreading”

  1. The Brief (NL) – WayneParkerKent, (bi-weekly, 45min)

“Podcast about content, marketing and media”

  1. Bernard Hammelburg (NL) – BNR (weekly, 2min)

“plaatst de internationale politiek in context”

  1. Podcast over MEDIA (NL) – Alexander Klopping (irregular, 60min+)

“podcast over media”

  1. BNR Digitaal (NL)Herbert Blankesteijn (weekly, 25min)

“Schakelen tussen internet, computer en telefonie”

  1. Hardwell On Air – DJ Hardwell (weekly, 60min)

“trendsetting and original Hardwell sound“



“Is social ghostwriting a solution for you?” – Rodric Leerling

“Is social ghostwriting a solution for you?” – Rodric Leerling

Leerling.biz, RefRod, ghostwriter, Sales Power Provider, ORM
Rodric Leerling, Leerling,biz, RefRod

It really came up as a practical solution. The manager I met the other day realized he needed to produce social content in order to contribute to his industry and to attract more customers at the same time. But he simply had no time. Or wasn’t particularly good at writing, but didn’t want to admit it. I believed it to be a mix of both.

I suggested I would write a draft text of 300-400 words and he would finish it. Tune it to his own ‘voice’ and swap certain words he would not use for his own ‘lingo’. This could be done in less than 30 minutes. I contributed with a relevant topic-of-the-week, an easy to read piece of content and a good header. And provided a planning for 10 weeks ahead. He happily agreed and it worked really well for as long as he was in the position of manager.

Mind you, I wasn’t running his social accounts. We agreed he would still read other people’s postings, give likes and leave comments. And he would respond to questions or comments by himself. Learning about some ghostwriting horror stories, I realized the potential negative implications of being in control of his social accounts. Imagine the manager having conversions with people he would have met in real life and me handling them in social media. Or I could (in theory) be tempted and reply to heated conversations with an opinion that he doesn’t share. Or I could be contradicting something he has said somewhere else. Too risky. And easy to find out.

An alternative way of getting personal and relevant content out is in the form of an interview. This way, there is a natural encounter and quotes can easily be used on other social media channels like Twitter. Is social ghostwriting an idea worth considering for you? Let’s talk!



“How podcasts became part of my morning ritual” – Rodric Leerling

“How podcasts became part of my morning ritual” – Rodric Leerling

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Podcast is claimed to be invented by former TV-host, radio-DJ, and internet entrepreneur Adam Curry, some 10 years ago. Not everyone agrees, like the inventor of the RSS feed (claiming 2003 as the launch year). But fact is, Adam Curry was the first to make money with podcasts after launching the PodShow in 2005 and since has become a famous ‘podcaster’. Curry is also widely credited for popularizing the podcast medium.

Since October 2007, Curry is hosting the twice-weekly (Thu+Sun) podcast the No Agenda Show, discussing recent news and media memes. I don’t know how he manages this, but this podcast does not accept any advertising and is solely supported by the listeners.

I myself started thankfully using podcasts back in 2007 on my daily commute between our house in Montclair, NJ and NY City. On my subscription list: The Economist, BBC, CNN and some Dutch radio programs I missed dearly. Back then, you had to use iTunes and get your updates downloaded on your iPod. Today, with broadband connections and improved devices, streaming podcasts are the norm. Plenty mobile apps to choose from (DoublePod for me) and Podcast-Bob is your Uncle!

The popularity is booming and seemingly unstoppable. With a huge variety of programs to subscribe to, and the addition of audio interfaces in cars, it has become a new force in content marketing. Why? Because you can listen to 20-30 minutes episodes of programs you would miss on linear radio. Opinions, stories, tech updates, meditation, explanations etc. are updated automatically on your phone each time a new episode is created. And you tend to listen with 100% attention, doing your work-out, on the commute or at home. I’m totally hooked!

“Helping others to avoid the costs of a bad online presence” – Rodric Leerling

“Helping others to avoid the costs of a bad online presence” – Rodric Leerling

Rodric Leerling, Leerling.biz, Sales Power Provider, RefRod

People who run their own business should be aware of their online reputation. It can determine gaining new business or losing it to the competitor. Still, the return on investment building a sound online reputation is not always clear.

There are two sides in the ROI calculation: ‘estimated lost revenue’ – from negative articles and reviews, and ‘potential earned revenue’ – from a clear and positive presence. Research asking people how far they read using Google showed only 36% to look further than page 1, and 50% no further than page 1. The same survey asked people what a negative article or product review could do to their purchase decisions. Result: one negative article on page 1 means losing 22% of business. Consumers will stop calling you and turn to a competitor.

In the online business world, it’s not so much your price or state of the economy but simply attention. Your future customers need to know about you before they contact you. What makes you tick and what do you stand for? That’s why social media is so important to sales people these days. Marketers who focus on blogging (inbound marketing) are likely to get much more positive ROI by getting useful content in front of potential clients. Broadening the customer horizon and filling the sales pipeline.

Key to all this: who are you in real life and is this image the same online? What do you aspire to and where do you want to be in five years from now? Start working on that now. Decide on your key assets and define them. Make sure your Google images reflect who you are today. Start writing (small) blogs, check your online images, tag them well. Start googling yourself regularly and you will see the changes in the next 2-3 months.

“Do you want to know how I deal with female coaches?” – Rodric Leerling

“Do you want to know how I deal with female coaches?” – Rodric Leerling

Rodric Leerling, Sales Power Provider, RefRod, Leerling.biz

Rewinding the film, I realized I’d seen her twice shortly before the game. First when I was trying to find a door to the futsal area, and she walked by just ignoring me. Once in the hall, she again crossed my path installing the score board, again, not saying a word.

It turned out to be the U19 home team coach. No handshake, no introduction. Nothing. It happens once in a while. But after only 3 minutes the war broke out. At this game level, a game secretary is required along with a linesman. The latter was nowhere to be seen, the male secretary I had to explain how to start the clock.

In the 3rd minute, after the score became 1-1, I realized my secretary had disappeared. An empty desk and I was on the other side ready to whistle for kick-off. Demanding the hometeam to adjust the score. She shouted back “if you ask gently we can do it for you”. Ignorant woman. Don’t you know what is required at this game level? I told her to reinstall the secretary because I wasn’t going to do it. The guy returned and would not leave the remaining 47 minutes.

Again two minutes later, we rubbed into each other once more. This time much closer. Her players were standing next to the bench and I asked them to be seated, in passing. They didn’t. I asked again and she would tell her players the opposite and keep standing “as they would be subbed soon” and “I’m in charge of this”. I exploded and told her to have them sit down as it was me in charge of the whole thing, not her. And this was the second time we had a conflict. They were seated.

I always leave a little present for obnoxious people like this. I deliberately gave an out-ball to the other team. She screamed to me to be more alert. This time I ignored her with a smile. The home team won the game and finally she would finally shake my hand.

“I’m introducing video to support referee mentoring” – Rodric Leerling

“I’m introducing video to support referee mentoring” – Rodric Leerling

Rodric Leerling, Leerling.biz, Sales Power Provider, RefRod, CoolBrandsPeople, Sportief Westfriesland

This weekend, the 2nd part of the football youth competition is supposed to start in the Netherlands. Since this week though, half of the nation is covered in snow and temps expected to stay below zero degrees Celsius. That part of Holland won’t play any football, that’s for sure.

But in my part, the western half, it’s frosty and snowy as well, but not all games have been cancelled yet. On the roster for tomorrow is a another new ref to accompany. It’s been a great experience ever since I finished the ref mentoring course. All the negative associations of a ref assessor don’t apply as I’m allowed to meet the ref before and afterwards. One is allowed to discuss his performance, hint on things during half time and I have even started sending video clips afterwards, showing the rookie ref what I meant in my written report.

Last week, I accompanied a relative experienced new ref – he already started five years ago – who needed a last push towards promotion. Somehow he had been neglected (his words) by the Football Assoc. I thought he did pretty well but should work on his condition and try to avoid long talks with players and coaches. I actually shot a video clip of how he took a player apart towards the end of the game, who should have been booked with a yellow card. Instead, he took him apart and said something (no gestures) and walked back slowly to the free kick spot, where the fouled team was waiting for the restart. Who’s time was being wasted here?

He was very grateful, not only for the positive report, but more so for the practical tips and, of course a novelty, receiving actual video proof of his performance and items to work on. I hope more mentors will start using their phones, not only to record your thoughts, but also to shoot quick clips.


“Creating Awareness for Need of Online Reputation Management” – Rodric Leerling

“Creating Awareness for Need of Online Reputation Management” – Rodric Leerling

Rodric Leerling - Sales Power Provider, CoolBrands, CBNWS,
Rodric Leerling – Sales Power Provider, CoolBrands People, Online Reputation Management

All your posted online content like blogs, comments, pictures, videos and social media posts draw a picture of who you are. It will greatly determine whether people want to meet and eventually do business with you.

Are those images really you? Or you, but in a shady situation. Or totally not you because you didn’t tag your own pictures well. So when you are googled (and people do that all the time) does the image people get from Google page 1 fit with what differentiates you in the current market?

Online Reputation Management (or: ORM) is all about creating a strong online presence, one that enhances the ‘off-line me’ and helps create your current business. But even more importantly, it will help your next business goals. Where do you want to be in five years? Positioning yourself should not just be based on your current business successes and skills, but also on other dimensions in life. You are more than just your job title.

Look in the online mirror. Go and google yourself.

“Working on a Good Futsal Ref Reputation”- Rodric Leerling

“Working on a Good Futsal Ref Reputation”- Rodric Leerling

Rodric Leerling, Leerling.biz, Sales Power Provider, RefRod, CoolBrandsPeople, Sportief Westfriesland

It’s been a while since my last referee assessment. Especially for my futsal referee activities.

To my surprise, I just noticed an assessor is assigned to watch and report my futsal game performance next week. That’s one year after the previous report. I double checked and indeed, my last futsal report was Feb 2016. Have they forgotten me? Have I ended up in the ‘deplorables’ category?

Frankly speaking, I don’t really care. I tried to get up one league last year and was put in a special promotion group but was let down by my mentor. The games I’m reffing are mostly handled nicely, with some exceptions due to obnoxious teams or coaches, or sometimes me being not 100% focused. I know most of the time who is to blame and apologize if it was me.

But to make it one more step up, more is required than just reffing a good game. Consider these elements that keep cropping up in reports:  making it to the base line regularly, taking correct game management steps (yellow cards, even when advantage is given). Crossing over for a re-start closer to your current sideline. Making sure the subs are done in a proper manner. Using right whistle tones and proper hand signals. Making sure the right distance is being taken at all restarts (5m). Talking to players in a polite but straight way (eye-to-eye). Showing a calm posture in everything. Counting at restarts (4sec) especially when the goalkeeper possesses the ball. And this is all done by just you. No assistants, no colleague refs. Just you. Sometimes in a pressure cooker game of 2×25 minutes.

Do I want to make that step up? Good question. My ego says ‘yes’, but never know what assessors make of it.

I will let you know after reading my first futsal report in 12 months.