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“Joke of the day” – Rodric Leerling

the popeAlways have a story to tell. Not just your elevator pitch and consequent sales story, but an anecdote or cracking joke. To elevate the atmosphere or simply get people’s attention in a different way.

I seem to have a good memory for jokes and know when to tell the right one. The one I most often tell came back in the caroussel when I saw the pope shaking hands during his visit to Mexico. My hero for this particular joke – Mr. Johnson – is eventually recognized by a total stranger on St. Peter’s Square while the pope is addressed as ‘the guy in the white dress’.

After telling jokes like this, people normally burst into laughter. They experienced an unexpected turn in a story, realized it is indeed funny, and let go of their emotions. You got their attention now, with their brains focussed on what else you have to tell. I bet they will ask you to tell another one – of these great jokes.