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“Fire in the hole!” – Rodric Leerling

Het Spectrum on fire 040516We are used to the slight noise of kids entering and leaving the school opposite our house. But this time it was different. At first – looking down from my office studio – it looked like the regular fire drill. But looking back, horizontally from my office, I noticed black clouds leaving one of the school chimneys. FIRE!

I switched on my phone camera, assuming the many parents waiting for their kids had already called the firemen and I started filming. See how long it would take before a bigger disaster would happen. I guess it was 5-10 minutes before the first fire engine arrived on scene. Roads were blocked by the police and pupils were waiting on a distance. Their dry-run fire drill this time for real!

I put the pics on Twitter and immediately received requests from the local media to publish it. Their own photographer was taking pictures from ground floor level and only saw smoke going up! My 2nd floor eye witness proved to be much better. Within seconds the fire was extinguished. The local firestation asked for permission to use my pics to show on their Facebook pages how they killed another fire.

Back to work again. Enjoyed my short social-media-moment-of-fame.