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“How podcasts became part of my morning ritual” – Rodric Leerling

“How podcasts became part of my morning ritual” – Rodric Leerling

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Podcast is claimed to be invented by former TV-host, radio-DJ, and internet entrepreneur Adam Curry, some 10 years ago. Not everyone agrees, like the inventor of the RSS feed (claiming 2003 as the launch year). But fact is, Adam Curry was the first to make money with podcasts after launching the PodShow in 2005 and since has become a famous ‘podcaster’. Curry is also widely credited for popularizing the podcast medium.

Since October 2007, Curry is hosting the twice-weekly (Thu+Sun) podcast the No Agenda Show,┬ádiscussing recent news and media memes. I don’t know how he manages this, but this podcast does not accept any advertising and is solely supported by the listeners.

I myself started thankfully using podcasts back in 2007 on my daily commute between our house in Montclair, NJ and NY City. On my subscription list: The Economist, BBC, CNN and some Dutch radio programs I missed dearly. Back then, you had to use iTunes and get your updates downloaded on your iPod. Today, with broadband connections and improved devices, streaming podcasts are the norm. Plenty mobile apps to choose from (DoublePod for me) and Podcast-Bob is your Uncle!

The popularity is booming and seemingly unstoppable. With a huge variety of programs to subscribe to, and the addition of audio interfaces in cars, it has become a new force in content marketing. Why? Because you can listen to 20-30 minutes episodes of programs you would miss on linear radio. Opinions, stories, tech updates, meditation, explanations etc. are updated automatically on your phone each time a new episode is created. And you tend to listen with 100% attention, doing your work-out, on the commute or at home. I’m totally hooked!