Ref, You Are Bleeding! – Rodric Leerling

My third game this calendar year was played on a stormy day with wind gusts of windforce 7.

Both teams were suffering from it and found it hard to play at times and pass the ball in a straight line. Early in the 1st half I had to caution the hometeam goalkeeper – playing against the wind – after two earlier verbal warnings for game delay.

But I received my own, unsollicitated warning in 2nd half when a ball hit my right temple. I almost lost my specs and felt a sharp pain just underneath my right eye. Players asked if I was ok and I let them play on at first. But shortly after being hit, a player told me I was bleeding from a small cut underneath my eye.

I stopped the game and asked the home team whether they had a plaster to stop the bleeding. The hadn’t unfortunately, so I continued while using my handkerchief to stop the blood. But it kept coming and I was glad to see the same guy shouting from behind the goal that he had a plaster.

The following day my eye had turned blue/yellow and the cut clearly showing and still feeling sore. It hopefully will be healed before my next game. Try to explain a black eye blaming it on football…..

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