Aiming for another re-start- Rodric Leerling

Aiming for another re-start- Rodric Leerling

I had the unfortunate experience with Murphy’s Law on grass this year. After a full year of knee injury and only four games into the new season, it was game-over again in October. This time my left calf muscle gave in.Another six weeks of recovery followed and I’m planning to re-start after Christmas. Despite the lousy weather, I’m back running in the rain and spinning and weightlifting in the garage. Getting back that ‘can-do feeling’ and not minding the cold and wet weather too much.

Having been out of competition for an accumulated 15 months, I realize how fragile a human body can be. Your brains are willing but the body weak, something like that. Glad that the doctor has found me a medicine to control the knee inflammation, but realizing at the same time this might hinder me in a new all-out football exercise.

Shortly after announcing I’m ready to ref again, I was appointed to a nice prof U15 game in early January, followed by a practice adult match a week later. I’ve declined all indoor game tournaments to protect my knee from too much stress and focusing on outdoor football for now.

Keeping fingers crossed this second re-start will be more fortunate. I’ve seen enough of Murphy and his Law on grass.

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