Meeting Murphy and his law on grass – Rodric Leerling

Meeting Murphy and his law on grass – Rodric Leerling

Last Saturday looked like a perfect day for a good match of football. It turned out to be totally otherwise. Everything that could go wrong, also went wrong.

I knew I was back after a long injury. I even picked up a match despite being free last weekend to keep the pressure on and it felt fine. No muscle pain, no condition problems. I had my weekly run and a spin on the bike, things still felt good. I was looking forward to my new 3rd div. game.

It was a warm October afternoon and the natural grass pitch looked perfect. My warming-up went well, and as I was early, I took my time to prepare. At kick off, some players even asked if they could have a drink break halfway the game. I looked at their coaches and they shook their heads. Fine with me, let’s go for the first 45, game on!

It must have been in the 3rd minute. The guest team pushing and an attacker was stopped by being pulling at his shoulder, just outside the box. Free kick. Bang, 0-1. Two minutes later, another attack by the guest team,  but this time the ball was initially blocked by a home defender, but the attack continued and at the same time I hear a scream, just behind me. I let play on, and 0-2 was scored.

I stopped to check the player on the ground, screaming real loud. I allowed the coach to enter the field who concluded he needed a professional to look at it and called an ambulance. The player was screaming of pain and couldn’t get up on his feet. We temporarily abandoned game and decided to wait until the player was carried off the pitch. Eventually, a medic arrived who concluded a probably broken ankle and did a bandage on to stabilize his foot. He was carried off the pitch on a stretcher. Poor guy. I didn’t see what happened exactly and had to allow the goal.

After 30mins of abandoning game, I blew the whistle for a restart and kick-off after 0-2. Shortly after, I started feeling a weird stiffness in my left ankle. Within two minutes¬† a sharp pain hit my left calf muscle and this time it was me (silently) screaming of pain. I couldn’t stretch the leg at all and had to stop the game. Hopping to the sideline, I immediately realized this was the end for me. Both coaches informed if there was a replacement, but there wasn’t unfortunately. I had to definitely abandon game due to referee injury.

Luckily I’m driving a car with automatic gearbox, so could use my right foot to get home ok. Visited a weekend doctor to check my leg and he concluded the suspected whiplash in the left calf muscle. But luckily no torn Achilles heel ligament. I should expect 6-8 weeks to recover from this torn muscle. Over and out, again.

Murphy’s Law on grass. I should contact the home club to find out how the injured player is doing. Wrote my abandon-game-report to the Dutch FA last night. And asked today to be taken off the list again till December.


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