Green light to resume refereeing – Rodric Leerling

Green light to resume refereeing – Rodric Leerling

This morning, I made the long awaited call to the Dutch FA. After numerous sessions with various medical specialists, I can resume reffing after more than a year absence.

Although I’m still cautious, it looks like the medical specialist found a treatment. An old medication prescribed earlier this year was tested see if this would stop the swelling in my knee after physical exercise. The initial high doses of meds has meanwhile been reduced to a lower level and the knee stays flat after muscle pressure. I feel less tired and feeling better at the low doses. And despite increased physical exercises, no real swellings have been registered over the same period.

My physiotherapist gave me several tests to do and make sure the knee is holding under increased tension. And he also wanted to find out what exercise made the knee swell. He couldn’t find it, so I started my weekly runs, first with walking intervals, and made extra long walks to my on-location work in the city, combined with to-and-from-the station cycling. My specialist told me last week he was happy with the results, both for blood values and physical appearance, and dismissed me with a new lower doses meds prescription till December.

The big test will be how things will hold when I start doing the typical stop-go-turn exercises. I will probably join the local ref training sessions as well and get to the last 20% of my current condition level. And this morning, I decided to call the Dutch FA to tell them I’m almost there. They planned a first U15 game to ref (2x30mins) for next week and once this goes well, I might do longer games. And return to my old semi-top level.

For now, I’m just as excited as a rookie ref. Get my gear in order again. Buy myself  new shoes, check the ref accessories and pack my bag again. It’s been too long.


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