The ref promo/relegation results are in. How about next season ref?

The ref promo/relegation results are in. How about next season ref?

Yesterday, all Dutch football referees received the long expected promotion/relegation update. Simply stated, the ‘greens’ are up and the ‘reds’ are down a division.

I feared the worst as I didn’t ref any games this past season due to my knee injury. But, my name was there still in the same semi top layer of youth league refs. No color added.

This can only mean one thing: I’ve been given a second chance. The Dutch FA kept record of my injury ever since I reported myself unfit to ref in May last year. They frequently called me and asked me about any progress. Always friendly and personal calls, showing empathy and real interest in my medical situation. And, more importantly, offering a chance to restart slowly as soon as my knee injury was healed.

The swollen (right) knee (‘water on the knee’) started over-night and the medical circuit I entered felt like an endless roller coaster. Seeing different doctors and trying several meds, but nothing seemed to work and no real straight diagnosis was defined. Was it just a ‘knee trauma’, ‘gout’, ‘pseudogout’ or maybe even ‘rheumatoid arthritis’? In December, after several excess fluids removals and med injections, we felt it was finally under control and I agreed with my doctor to start doing basic physio again. But my knee swell immediately after 14 days of light work-outs. Back to square one it seemed.

But finally, there seems to be light at the end of the injury tunnel. Another medicine was tested and this is now keeping the knee swelling in proportion, even after exercise. I’m testing it since two weeks with spinning and walking. Building muscle pressure and doing more frequent exercise. I feel ready for the next FA call. Would be great to tell them I’m ready again. 10 weeks to get back in shape. Let’s give it one more try.


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