Did he really show a red card? Rodric Leerling

Did he really show a red card? Rodric Leerling

Another rookie ref close to receiving his Dutch FA ref badge and the green light to ref games on his own. We bumped into each other at the sports complex – two guys who typically didn’t belong to either the club nor a team preparing to play.

We chatted about the beautiful day and his expectations of the game ahead. He told me he expected an easy game as there was no real interest at either teams for promotion or relegation points. I immediately told him never to lull oneself to sleep. Each game is different and might get off the rails at any time. He nodded and said he would take guard.

He reffed pretty good, noticing both small and bigger fouls and even showed his first yellow card already after 21 minutes. The home team had some blunt players, missing almost every other ball and pulling shirts all the time. He had his hands full and wanted to know what I thought of it at half time. We chatted a bit, checked some game situations and I told him to stay on his toes for the rest of the game.

Soon into the 2nd half, the obnoxious home team player, cautioned early in 1st half, made another stupid foul against his opponent and was cautioned…. again. But as the ref was acting at the very end of the pitch from where I was, I only saw a yellow card going up quickly, followed by a conversation with his AS. Apparently, his AS had pointed out that this was his 2nd yellow, so he must have pulled a red card and the player left without much havoc.

I missed that last bit, weirdly enough and had to hear this at full time, despite all the video clips and voice recordings. Maybe I did too much of both and didn’t keep my own eyes on the pitch. Learning as a ref mentor as well.

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