A first: being harassed as ref mentor – Rodric Leerling

A first: being harassed as ref mentor – Rodric Leerling

Assigned as his mentor,  I looked over the ref’s shoulder while performing the player pass check. I might have made a comment on a missing picture, but nothing really negative. 

Teams in this league of ‘reserve teams’ (team 2 and lower) can be totally different. There are teams consisting of players who are about to enter the so-called ‘selection team’ and very ambitious. They train 3x a week and take things seriously. But there are others who are acting like the ‘Sunday scratch team’ and not really bothered about giving their best or playingto get the attention from their lead team coach.

The  guest team behaved like the second category. They typically arrived late and initially were nowhere to be found. The ref tried to find them, but only shortly before the game start they we noticed them walkng towards the pitch. When I made a comment on their lousy behavior one player commented they were just there to have a fun game, not to be checked officially by a FA ref. I made a comment back, but forgot about it.

The ref took things seriously too and showed three yellows for the guests who were eventually beaten by 9-3. When the rooky ref blowed the whistle after 90 minutes, both teams walked off the pitch, passing me at the pitch gate. To my surprise and shock, one of the first guest team players passing, emptied his water bottle on my jeans and shoes and just kept walking to their locker room, despite my loud request for an explanation. I still have no idea why, but it clearly was on purpose. Too little to make a fuss about it and report to the FA, but remarkable enough to write a blog about it.


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