The Cool Projects I worked for (Part 3 – Influencer Marketing) – Rodric Leerling

The Cool Projects I worked for (Part 3 – Influencer Marketing) – Rodric Leerling

MTG NL – influencer marketing, MCN, video concepts development

Looking back, I think I can say that most of my recent freelance sales projects added up nicely. During the last couple of years, I’ve worked on new media concepts like crowdsourcing, video advertising, influencer marketing, online reputation and, most recently, advocacy marketing. I admit I didn’t plan it this way, but in hindsight, they are connected and each project taught me to effectively work with new digital communicating tools. Moving away from the conventional broadcast model, aka outbound marketing, and building up inbound marketing tools, attracting buyers to your (personal) brand and products, using quality digital content.

When I was approached by the job search agency and asked to help the Dutch branch of Swedish MTG introduce crowdsourcing in their video producers network, I didn’t hesitate and accepted the new challenge. Nobody had a clue of what crowdsourcing was about but I was the expert as I spearheaded the video crowdsourcing platform in Europe.

I quickly learned that their platform of YouTubers (grouped in so-called Multi-Channel Networks) wasn’t that high quality, and more of a mass MCN mainly consisting of gamers and the odd beauty vlogger. With one or two exceptions, hardly interesting for advertising brands in that capacity, let alone try to crowdsource videos for advertising. Revenue-wise it was very lucrative, though, aggregating these YouTube channels, taking a percentage of the producers’ advertising earnings, helping them negotiate with YouTube and training them how to become a big name fast. It made me come up with new ideas to attract new video producers to join the MCN, offering them new production concepts in travel and beauty.

Other MCN’s like Machinima, Maker Studios and Fullscreen were all about scale and gobbled up by TV networks like AOL and Disney.¬† I guess that’s what attracted MTG to buy the Dutch MCN and their international video production network: delivering eyeballs and digital video. But within the major MCN’s only the top performers got the attention and the rest felt they were not getting the attention they deserved. Result: always complaints and threats of leaving the MCN when a contract term was up.

They new way forward for MCN’s today is becoming digital-first production houses. The newly formed media companies are using only top video performers, creating and focusing on producing digital video content which can be monetized¬†across multiple platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube etc.


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