And in goes Cortisone nr3 ….. – Rodric Leerling

And in goes Cortisone nr3 ….. – Rodric Leerling

The hopes were high after two months of no excessive fluid build up in my right knee. The first injection in September only lasted one month. The second injection went in October 4.

After two month, the doctor allowed me to start slowly testing the knee again. Well, after three physio exercise visits I was back to square one. The knee swell within one week. Back in hospital, Cortisone nr 3 was injected under the kneecap and 30ml of fluid taken out.

But this time I reported my doctor both my wrists were hurting again, signalling a possible rheumatic problem lurking in the background. On top of the 3rd injection I’m now also on a new med track slowing down a possible early rheumatic ailment. It still doesn’t mean a verdict for chronic ailment and there are hopes for curing this once the meds do the trick.

Onw thing is clear: football refereeing is definitely over untill mid 2018.

I gave it a try but alas.

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