The Cool Projects I Worked For (Part 1 – Crowdsourcing Videos) – Rodric Leerling

The Cool Projects I Worked For (Part 1 – Crowdsourcing Videos) – Rodric Leerling – crowdsourcing advertising videos and graphics.

If there ever was a moment in my sales career I felt an alignment of a business development project with my true pioneering sales qualities, it was with

I had almost lost sight of him – my former VP Sales & Marketing at Time Magazine. But suddenly he submerged, asking me casually on LinkedIn if I knew a blogger for the 2012 London Olympics. Well, not really, but I quickly checked the reason why and what his new sales project was all about.

It was called The online platform was offering brands an alternative way of producing advertising videos and graphics. In stead of commissioning an agency, brands would be offered to invite creative consumers worldwide to produce content, without a guarantee of direct money. A golden idea in the age of social media where people are getting used to more casual videos on YouTube and brands are forced to communicate in a more authentic and less polished way.

I accepted the challenge to spearhead this new platform into Western Europe, taking on Benelux, Nordics  and the German speaking countries. I knew plenty of international brands that would be open to try a new concept like this. And it would extend my international  network at the same time. Although it took time to get clients to actually start testing the platform, over the 3,5 years I worked for Zooppa, I managed to bring in some major international brands who collected great videos and graphics.

The only problem was that brands could choose to work with either a global or European network of creatives. Cutting it down to individual countries would reduce the participation numbers too much and we wouldn’t be able to guarantee a good result. This limited my sales outreach to international brands only. It would eventually lead to the decision in the US to centralize sales and stop working with European sales reps. This way, a pretty cool media project ended rather abruptly.

The next logical next step for brands to communicate socially, is using aggregated micro influencer networks. It’s all about Human-to-Human and WoM. Step away from the expensive celebrities and enter the world of micro influencers. Who not only can create their own content, but will also distribute it to their fans. Great apps have been launched recently matching advertisers with potential brand ambassadors. Who can pick up and distribute branded content and are paid based on their effective reach and engagement. The latest in this development is employee and customer advocacy. An almost untapped source of brand endorsement.

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