After talking to the doctor and my physiotherapist ….. – Rodric Leerling

After talking to the doctor and my physiotherapist ….. – Rodric Leerling

It’s finally time to get into physical action again! A gradual build-up of physical exercise is on the roster after talking to the specialis this week.

It should lead to a return to refereeing in February. Starting at a low level to test the right knee. My physiotherapist designed a schedule to gradually bring me back to former physical conditions. Two and a half months to work on the muscles and regain strength. Get back in shape. Build new stamina. Test the knee. Avoid new inflammations.

The downside of this recovery phase is that I was forced to make a choice between futsal and field football. My physio therapist advised strongly against starting on both levels again and suggested field as a better surface. Doing both would weaken my chances of a fast and healthy return. It’s ‘wait-and-see’ basically.

If  my knee holds during second half of this season, I could still decide to return to indoor reffing in the new season. I keep my fingers crossed, hoping the knee will hold and not swell again. What it started in May, we will never know. A combination of getting older and doing too much different refereeing during an average week still seems the obvious explanation.


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