Am I ready to ref again? – Rodric Leerling

Am I ready to ref again? – Rodric Leerling

It’s December and I’m getting those familiar calls again: invitations to ref indoor Christmas and New Year tournaments. Whether I can help out again?

These calls (and emails) are always nice to receive. During a time when Field is taking its Winter break, Futsal tournaments form a wellcome bridge. To keep fit and generate some extra cash during the holidays.

But unfortunately I’m still not ready. Next week, I expect the doctor to confirm my knee has healed. Ever since the second injection two months ago, it’s been quiet and thin. For the record: that’s six months  after the first, sudden explosion of excessive fluid, right at the end of the competition. I listened to my body and the docor: thou shall take a break!

But also the Dutch FA called. The Field coordinator contacted me some time ago, checking how I was doing. Very kind indeed. Futsal, though, hasn´t picked up the phone, just using email. Basically checking whether I’m ready to perform again. Well, mentally I sure am, but my physique isn’t. On strict instructions from the specialist, I haven’t been training for six months. No runs, no cycling, no nothing.  How to build this up sensibly is going to be the main issue. The Field coordinator offered to re-start slowly reffing the relative short games of U13 teams. And he guaranteed I would not lose my promoted status at least for another season. That’s a big comfort.

Well, let’s not jump ahead of things. First I need to get the medical green light next week. There is light at the end of the medical tunnel. At last!

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