Playing with your watch – Rodric Leerling

Playing with your watch – Rodric Leerling

Another rookie ref to mentor last weekend. A 17-year old officiating his 2nd game for the Dutch FA. He kindly called me to say he was 10mins late and where we could meet.

He did the usual checks: pitch, players and AR’s. We met the latter in his dressing room and got thumbs up from both assistants for his clear instructions.

The U15 game went pretty well under dry circumstances. The ref told me he needed some more confidence on judging smaller fouls and when to draw a line. I gave him the simple check: is there intention to play the ball? It will help to judge the frequent fouls of pushing easier. He picked it up and pulled two yellows in 2nd half. One for a reckless tackle and another for swinging an arm into an opponent’s face.

One thing that got me nervous though towards the end was the extra time. The regular 35mins became 43, with just some minor injuries and 3 subs on my record. While shaking hands and complimenting him on a great game I needed to know how he got to 8mins extra time. To my surprise, he totally wasn’t aware! He just stopped his watch at each incident and blew the whistle when his watch told him so. I advised him to better use his own judgement in future. It’s not indoor soccer you know! He agreed and promised to do this differently next time. Better use your own estimate while checking your score card and you’ll become a great ref!

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