Medical diagnosis is not always as logic as you think – Rodric Leerling

Medical diagnosis is not always as logic as you think – Rodric Leerling

My insurance company was one of the first to show compassion with my knee injury. “How long did you say you have had this knee injury? Wow, almost three months without a clear diagnosis. Let’s try a 2nd opinion before you see yet another specialist.”

I felt mentally supported after seeing 3 GP’s, the orthopedist (more of his assistant). Swallowing three different anti-inflammatory drugs, getting injected with cortisone and being X-rayed and MRI-ed.
The sport medical doctor was the one to give me the obvious word: you have stressed yourself too much as referee in futsal and field football. After such a hectic season the knee can’t cope any longer and blows up. Layman’s talk.

Well, none of that. He studied both the X-ray and MRI scan in my presence. Read the accompanying GP letter with their procedures so far. Checked my swollen knee and just nodded. His verdict was shockingly direct: this is clearly not a sports related injury. At least, it’s not the way a knee reacts to being overly stressed – even after a total inner-meniscus removal (40 years ago) and a heavy season where I pushed hard to get promoted. No mechanical cause to be found, just like the orthopedist told me.

He simply would have given the same advice: go and see the reumatologist. He will probably ask for a puncture and examine the excess fluid. Maybe he has a an idea what causes the knee (and possibly other body parts) to react so vehemently. He wished me luck and said to be sorry not to be able to help any further.

And just when I wanted to hit the ‘publish’ key, the reumatologist called me if I wanted to fill a last-minute opening in his agenda. Sure, let’s do it! Seeing him in 60 minutes. To be continued.

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