Stuck In The Medical System Without Perspective – Rodric Leerling

Stuck In The Medical System Without Perspective – Rodric Leerling

Today, I visited the student orthopedist again in hospital. His injection of three weeks ago didn’t have the expected effect. I enjoyed a short three days of a non-swollen knee. Since ten days it’s back and hence limping time again. And that for ten weeks on a row now.

I called and asked the hospital reception last week if I could just have a phone call to tell the doctor that the injection didn’t work for long. No, I was told, you have to come in person and see the doctor again (hence the expression ‘pay them a visit’?).

It was the usual 30 minutes delay and then within 2 minutes the conclusion: “hmmm, this is not good, I have to consult the specialist. I will be back soon.” They basically ticked the same boxes as my GP had done four weeks ago. The verdict: an MRI scan to check the tissues around the knee. See if there is something wrong that couldn’t be spotted on the X-Ray. Another injection was not possible, unfortunately.

To my big surprise, the scan could be scheduled on next Saturday with the follow-up consulting visit on Tuesday. If that’s not going to produce any clarity, a tube operation will be the last resort.

I think I’m going to call the Dutch football association telling them that I’m not going to  be ready for the season opening games. In the higher ref league. Four weeks to get back in shape is basically too little time.

One thought on “Stuck In The Medical System Without Perspective – Rodric Leerling

  1. Hey topper,

    Mocht je niet verder komen met je knie blessure? Vraag je huisarts om een verwijzing naar de st.maartenskliniek in Ubbergen.
    Mijn ervaringen zijn zeer goed, alleen blijkt mijn lichaam zelf een grote factor te zijn in alle revalidatietraject.
    Met vele sportieve en liberale groet

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