The Time You Should be Preparing for Next Season – Rodric Leerling

The Time You Should be Preparing for Next Season – Rodric Leerling

It’s been a full month since I wrote my last blog. I really surprised myself. As if I had nothing to share. The opposite is true.

To my shagrin, I had to cancel all play-off games and football tournaments I wanted to help referee. Not just for the extra cash, but mostly for the comradery among colleague refs. Nothing this year. My knee didn’t allow me to do anything. It blew up suddenly and filled up with moisture. hindering me from any sort of exercise.

The doctor tried several roads to get the knee back in shape so he could examine it carefully. He at first thought it was jout, especially after my complaint of severe pain during the night. Then, after first swallowing the wrong meds and by accident ending the others too soon, I finally had my knee back in shape and pain-free after five weeks. Then, while laying on his treatment table, after twisting it left and right, we both heard the crack-crack sound. Maybe a jout combined with a meniscus break-off?

So, today it was X-ray time at the local hospital. Two pictures that should tell if there is indeed cartilage floating around, making the tissue around it swell as result of inflammation. And if it’s there, how can it be taken out?

Is this the result of forcing my knee to perform to the max? It would be extra dire with my recent promotions in the pocket for both futsal (indoor) and field football. We will know by Wednesday. Still time to get in shape for a new football season. I’m still hopeful and optimistic, as always.

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