“What no business owner should ignore – managing his online footprint” – Rodric Leerling

“What no business owner should ignore – managing his online footprint” – Rodric Leerling

Everyone owning his or her own business should be aware of this: by working and communicating online we are growing our digital footprint. Combine this with a search-happy business world and you will realize your online footprint can in fact make or break your next business goals.

Before we buy a product or hire a service, we google and search for clues on reputations. The same happens with you as entrepreneur. Who are you and what is your online reputation? Make no mistake, before you can even speak up and have a meeting, Google has already presented your personal profile. And within seconds your new job, the much needed investment or the potential customer is gone.

Have you Googled yourself yet? Do it now. I’ll wait.

So, what does page 1 of Google search tell about you? Is your online reputation in line with who you really are? Or is it a blurred image, due to weird pictures, lousy comments made once or just a mixed bag. We are convinced that a strong online reputation will generate more business opportunities. Because you made sure it’s you who’s drawing the picture and not Google.

How we do that? Check me out … on Google. Then give me a call or email me: rodric@coolbrandspeople.info


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