“Three good assessor reports, and now we wait” – Rodric Leerling

“Three good assessor reports, and now we wait” – Rodric Leerling

This week I received my 3rd and last ref assessment report of this futsal season. I’m proud to say, they were three pretty good and steady reports with an average of 8.20 which gets me well positioned for promotion to a higher ref league. At least, so much I was told by one of my assessors the other day.

Well, I don’t hold my breath as I’ve been here before. In fact, two years ago during a ref rule test, they asked who was ambitious and looking for ways to climb the ref career ladder? I raised my hand and was assigned three different mentors. After a couple of games, it all looked very positive, but it took forever to break the results. Vague stories increasingly sounded like an excuse and they foreboded less good news.

Then the phone rang just before the new season was about to start. My mentor started with “I know you did very well and I received really good reports about you, but…” It turned out there were five ambitious refs and only one promotion spot. The impression from the start was they were looking for fresh new refs and with a little extra mentoring we would all make it up to the next level. But for some weird reason they picked another guy and I was left in the league I was active in this season. So, even with three good new scores, I still reckon it might end up the same as last year.  It will probably take another five months before they break the news.

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