“Sharing My Current Podcast Top 5” – Rodric Leerling

I started updating my podcast list beginning this year. Then I decided to publish my favorite top 10 in February. Picking up my good habit was ignited mostly because I wanted to understand more of the dramatically changed American political constellation. And how to use new social media tools.

Ever since I picked up new podcasts, my previous top 10 of podcasts proved just too large. There was no way I could listen to them all during the week. So. I’ve reduced the list to really interesting and daily podcasts and it’s a Top 5 now.

Another important criteria is the length of the average podcast. Anything between 20-30 minutes proves to be ideal. I tend to listen to the podcasts over lunch or during a commute. A 60 minute podcasts all tend to start slow and make you use the 10sec forward button. So, this is what I listen to now regularly. Hope it brings new inspiration to you as well!

  1. The Daily (EN) – NYT, Michael Barbaro (daily, 20min) “this moment demands an explanation”
  2. The Fizzle Show (EN) – Business Talk Show (weekly, 60min) “Creating your own new business”
  3. The Moth (EN) – “true stories, told live and without notes” (weekly, 50min)
  4. SocialMediaMarketing (EN) – Michael Stelzner, “Tips and techniques for creating great content” (weekly, 45min)
  5. How I Built This (EN) – NPR (weekly, 40min) “interviews with innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists”

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