“So sad to hear you are leaving us, Britons! – Rodric Leerling

“So sad to hear you are leaving us, Britons! – Rodric Leerling

Today March 29, Great Britain officially announced, following the outcome of their referendum, to leave the European Union. The Brexit shockwaves of this badly under-estimated popular vote are still being felt here on the Continent.

Although I understand the anti-European emotions fed by too much power being absorbed by ‘Brussels’ and too many countries on the east joining in a short time, it still is such a grotesk and dramatic decision. And as we know now, the arguments to vote for ‘leave’ were mostly based on false financial information and exaggerated immigration stories.

So sad to realize that people who were in favour of remaining didn’t think it was necessary to campaign. It wouldn’t go that far, would it? Neither did the ‘leave’ campaign team expect this outcome. The older generation and those fearing to lose their jobs to Eastern Europeans, massively went to the polls and by absence of enough ‘stay’ votes, they as minority voted to leave. The young generation were in favour of the EU but took things for granted, and are still in shock of what the older generation did to their future.

It’s too late now and negotiations are starting today to fix a divorce deal. But will it be ‘a deal’ or ‘no deal’? Big political question the coming months in London. Contributions still need to be paid. And the EU is still offering a parachute to cancel the exit process during the two year negotiations. I have no illusions though, as this is pretty final. So sad to see you go, just when we needed you badly in counter balancing the traditional power brokers on our eastern and southern borders.

All the best dear friends. Goodbye and farewell. We will be in touch!

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