“Make sure you give the right signals, both in life and on the pitch” – Rodric Leerling

“Make sure you give the right signals, both in life and on the pitch” – Rodric Leerling

Yesterday, I appealed to an assessor’s report on my last game. The report landed in my mailbox within 36hrs after the game, which raised eyebrows. How can you write a report and also have it be checked on spelling errors, inconsistency etc. in this short time span? I’m almost certain it wasn’t.

I won’t bore you with the exact reasons for the appeal, but the most important reason is because the new judging system doesn’t make sense to me (and many referees think the same). But this particular report contained weird sentences and looked copied/pasted. Clearly not read twice, so I don’t understand some of the key comments. Good reason to appeal.

This brought me back to previous reports which I tried to read and with the honest intention to learn from an assessor’s view. One of them wrote “I should smile a bit more often, to show I’m enjoying my hobby”. I was flabbergasted by this remark. Not the prescribed hand signals, nor my rule interpretation or overall game management, but my physical appearance was criticized. Nothing I can do about my looks when I’m concentrated, sorry.

The contrast between the (too) fast delivery and appeal procedures can’t be more in contrast: 4-6 weeks waiting for the verdict. That’s after this competition is over.



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