“Thanks for ruining our game” – Rodric Leerling

“Thanks for ruining our game” – Rodric Leerling

Rodric Leerling, Leerling.biz, Sales Power Provider, RefRod
Reading back a report on a game I reffed is not a thing I pursue passionately. But when a tweet with my pic appears on the home team’s web page, my interest is aroused. Especially the pictures showing me running down the line and keeping up with the speed of the game.

Looking at the pics, the game itself came back to memory. Another game followed this one and I reffed a field game on Saturday as well, so you tend to forget quickly. I showed two yellow cards both for the home team. They played lousy, as their report honestly stated. The cards were not disputed either and clearly described why they were ‘one man down’ for two minutes each. The first for purposely bumping into the goal keeper, not the first time, and the other one for pushing away an opponent. The 17-year old captain was irritated and showed his frustration.

Their 2nd half effort to try and catch up with the score was not sufficient. They lost and the captain would thank me ‘for ruining their game’. I held on to his hand and told him he was not being fair and should know better. His coach acknowledged the bad attitude and told me he would talk about it. Well, he can also read their own game report. And probably watch the game video.

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