“My New Hobby: Mentoring Young Referees”- Rodric Leerling

“My New Hobby: Mentoring Young Referees”- Rodric Leerling

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Three week ago, I was asked to assist another promising referee. The 19-year old was assigned to an adult game in a lower league. The weather was predicted to be lousy with lots of rain and thunderstorm. Lucky the pitch provided a covered spectator stand.

The game proved to be an easy one, mostly due to the calm and professional performance of the rookie ref. In fact so easy, that I almost had nothing to do, which made me work out a new activity. I’ve seen it so many times from inside the pitch, it was hard to forget: video from my mobile phone! Crystal clear picture, but battery draining, unfortunately.

My report with lots of compliments and positive reporting was accompanied by some cool, 2meter high level video clips and pictures. It showed the ref being positioned at the right spot in different situations and running to another spot when the ball was kicked around the pitch. The video proved to be sharp and gave an excellent additional piece of information to both the ref course instructor and the rookie ref himself.

Next week, they will be used in the final ref course meeting, along with another set of video clips I shot with the female rookie ref of last week. Setting a new trend, as always.

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