“Should I dismiss a flip-flop assistant ref?”- Rodric Leerling

ref flipflopsThe away team told me one of their sub players would be my AR (assistant ref). Well, as long as he is 14 years of age they can perform that role. His team was 15+ so decide to allow it.

But after the half-time break another youngster took over and I just looked him in the eye. No time to go over the instructions again and I just would have to follow him more closely. But forgot to look down. After 3 minutes in second half I suddenly noticed he was wearing flip-flops with white socks. Unbelievable. How could I not have noticed that?

I stopped the game and told him this wouldn’t work. He offered to run on his white socks and I agreed. Spectators were laughing and making smart comments. I would ignore my new assistant ref on one or two signals as he couldn’t work it out and just did what he deemed was right. But running on white socks on warm astro turf certainly proved to be a really bad idea.

One thought on ““Should I dismiss a flip-flop assistant ref?”- Rodric Leerling

  1. As long as it wasn’t hindering him from moving and he was a club assistant referee, I wouldn’t mind. Presentation isn’t much of a choice when choice is minimal.


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