“I still know how to ref adult foorball games” – Rodric Leerling

surprised refLast weekend I was assigned to an adult game. Surprisingly so, as for the last three years I’ve only worked youth leagues after my sudden switch, late 2013.

I must admit I’ve enjoyed it. Teams were playing well, although I needed my cards to stay in control. I even had to issue a red card already after 18 mins, but even that one was hardly debated. Both teams thanked me for a good game and one coach even apologized for being too loud. I had hardly noticed it.

The only thing that went wrong was the home team´s wifi connection, blocking me from access to the digital game form. We had to write a separate note with signatures from both team managers to agree on my admin to be handled afterwards, at home. Well, that was my plan, but it proved to be impossible to access my game form on my computer. The FA had to do it on Monday morning. The winning team already emailed them asking why they were not showing top of the table.

To my own surprise it felt good reffing adults again. I might even consider going back to this league after finishing this new season. If only for the spectators on the stands and the more formal reception at the club house.

One thought on ““I still know how to ref adult foorball games” – Rodric Leerling

  1. for the first time as referee I received copy of the Dutch FA suspension proposal for the direct red card (preventing clear chance of scoring) being 1 game. Fine with me.


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