“How to deal with games during a heatwave?” – Rodric Leerling

“How to deal with games during a heatwave?” – Rodric Leerling

biggest drink bottleA good referee can do his job in any circumstance. In rain, frost, storm, heat or a combination of these elements. As long as he has his whistle, watch and pen with him. And the right outfit.

The next few days promise to be extremely hot in this part of Europe. Too big a change for this country that is still soaked after days and weeks of rain in August. But the ref just gets his assignments and packs his usual ref gear: shoes, socks, shorts and jersey (short sleeve this time).

But now he has to tell the players to behave normal. In a heatwave the first question that will be asked is “will there be a drink break, ref?” I always tell them jokingly there will be break right in the middle. Followed by a reassuring comment we will take an extra, smaller one at a natural moment halfway both halves.

My first game, after last weekend’s cup game was postponed to my chagrin, is tomorrow evening at 8PM – reffing the ladies again. What a start of the season.

At least it will be in lower gear.

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