“Cold shower and rabbit holes” -Rodric Leerling

My football day in Amsterdam started with rabbit holes and ended with a cold shower. In between I had a decent game of football and that was about the only thing I could control.

I can’t recall the last time I reffed a game on real grass this season as the majority of Dutch youth games are
played on astroturf nowadays. As a result, I almost forgot about the issues a ref could face, like the small pitch holes dug by rabbits I found on my field inspection.
I asked for a quick repair on which the groundsman diligently started with repairing complete grass patches. I didn’t want to criticize his approach but carefully aired my concern looking at the time left before gamestart. He said not to worry, he would make it in time, but I decided to help him marking the various rabbitholes with small branches. I left for my admin game preps and just hoped he would find them all. To my big relief he in fact did.

The game went well and I returned to the ref locker room, looking forward to a nice shower. To find out there was no hot water. Bummer! The fringes of today’s game were unfortunate but I decided to cherish a good game of reffing and delete the irritations.

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