“Rare Double Yellow” – Rodric Leerling

doubleyellowIn a relatively short game of 2×25 minutes, it doesn’t happen a lot. Double yellow and thus ejection from the game. Last week it was the first time for me after years of futsal reffing.

It was a game full of irritation. Early in the game I was asked by the guest team to pay special attention to the home captain. Shortly before he apparently punched his opponent in the stomach and I missed it. His opponent was gasping on the floor for air. I allowed their coach to check him out but one of home players thought he should intervene and started pulling the coach away. Weird action and it was rewarded by me with his first yellow. He kept talking, basically telling his coach he was pulled first. Yeh, right.

In the second half he again committed a foul and was sent off after showing his second yellow and thus red. No more blabla this time but accepting his punishment. None of his teammates complained and they didn’t even have to sit out the full 5 minutes penalty as the guests kept punching their goal. They won 2-12.

I would report ‘total game frustration’ as reason if the futsal association would ask for one. Guess not.

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